Pond Repair & Renovation

Generally speaking, a well designed and constructed pond will last for many years with only regular maintenance, but from time to time problems can occur. Any Pond offer a complete fault finding and repair service; some of the more common problems that can occur are:

Leak Detection and Repair

There are a large number of possible reasons for water-loss in ponds, and even if the level of the pond is falling quite substantially then this need not be a major fault. As a rule, if a koi pond is losing more than 1-inch (3cm) of water per week, or up to 3-inches (9cm) of water in a pond that is very heavily stocked with plants, then there may be a leak in the system.

Please bear in mind that water-loss will be much greater during hot weather, owing to evaporation; and in ponds that contain a lot of plants, because of transpiration. Also bear in mind that overhanging plants may also remove water from the pond via capillary action.
Strong winds may also lead to water loss from waterfalls and fountains, and ice dams may form in winter causing waterfalls to overflow. Checking carefully for any obvious signs of water-loss can often quickly determine the cause.
Not all leakage problems are easily identifiable though, and Any Pond offer a comprehensive fault-finding and repair service.

Waterfall / Fountain Fault Finding and Repair
One of the commonest causes of water loss in a pond is the waterfall or fountain. Because these features increase the mixing of air and water, they will inevitably lead to increases evaporation, but if the amount of water los suddenly increases, especially when the weather is not exceptionally hot, then there may be another cause.
The build-up of detritus and algae on waterfalls in the summer, and ice in the winter can deflect some of the flow on waterfalls and lead to leaking or seepage. Also check for water seepage around the lip of the waterfall. Prefabricated waterfalls generally have a very long life expectancy, but rendered waterfalls can eventually leak and Any Pond offer a comprehensive repair service.

Liner / Concrete Pond Repair
Liner built and concrete ponds can eventually leak, especially if located close to trees and large shrubs, whose roots can eventually damage the structure of the pond. Another major cause of pond leakages is the use of low quality liners, which will eventually degrade. Mechanical damage, either through dropping plant baskets, or other objects into the pond can also cause damage to liners on occasion.
Any Pond are able to diagnose problems with the lining of the pond and suggest and undertake full remedial action. This can range from small scale welded patches on quality liners, and render repair to the inside of concrete ponds, to the full replacement of liners and render. We will always try to find a solution that offers the minimum disruption to you and your pond.

Pipe Fault Finding and Repair
Another common cause of pond leaks is damage to pipes and hoses. Once found, these are generally quite straight forward to repair, especially when the pipe work is readily accessible. Locating and repairing leaks in buried pipe work can be more complex, but is much less common in our experience.

Pump Fault Finding and Repair
Although designed to require minimal maintenance and to have a long working life, pond pumps can require repair. The most common fault is actually disruption of the power supply, often through damage to the electrical cable, and is particularly common in the winter months when rodents will often gnaw through cables and take up residence.
Bearing and seal wear are also common problems with pumps, and normally the cause of any complete failure can be easily resolved. Occasionally damage to the impeller may also occur, and this can be diagnosed and repaired.
A partial loss of the pumps performance over time suggests a build-up of detritus in the system causing a partial blockage. This should be located and removed as soon as possible to avoid any additional strain being placed on the pump that will shorten its working life.

Filter Fault Finding and Repair
With regular light maintenance a well designed filter will give many years of service. The main causes of reduction in water through-put of filters, and potential loss of water flow are a build-up of detritus, incorrect filter media, or inadequate filter size.

Filter blockages are another potential source of leaks as the water backs up and overflows the filter. Normally careful cleaning and re-establishment of even water-flow through the filter will remediate this problem.

Any Pond offer a complete diagnostic service for filter issues and can offer a repair service.

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