Do you want to turn a dry patch into a lush ‘watering hole’?

Is your pond as dull as ditch water?

Or perhaps it’s just not holding water at all?

Any Pond Limited has the expertise to handle ponds and water installations from top to toe.

Please bear in mind that…

Any Pond Limited is not a ‘build and run’ contractor.

We want your water installation to give you years of pleasure. So, we offer a range of services to help.

Someone else built your pond or water installation? No matter. Any Pond Limited will be pleased to maintain it.

Our pond-cleaning services are designed to keep your water installation in top condition, including sparkling clear water. We use safe, pond-cleaning products such as special bacteria. Our services include:

  • 100% fish-safe pond cleaning
  • good water chemistry testing and improvement
  • waterfall, filter and bottom drain cleaning
  • plant and algae removal products

Any Pond Limited recommends a minimum of one pond service per annum, alongside a regular maintenance regime for best results and trouble-free pond keeping.

Quick Pond Cleaning            Pond Servicing and Maintenance

Why does your pond need cleaning, servicing, and maintenance?

Structure: The water level of the pond does not become significantly reduced. This lessens the chances of in-falling (collapsing) of the pond edges and drying out of marginal plants.

Habitat: A clean pond keeps its inhabitants thriving.

Appearance: Pond cleaning will keep your pond looking its best.

How does my pond get dirty?

Over time, any body of water will collect organic and inorganic waste. This happens in a variety of ways.

  1. It’s amazing on how much moving water will improve the surrounding air.
    The moving water will filter the air of dust, pollen, leaves and even gasses. Of course, all this is then in the pond.
  1. Wind-blown particles such as plant debris such as leaves can find their way into your water installation. Algal spores also arrive as the water helps them grow.
  1. Water plants are an integral part of many ponds, but their summer growth can often end up fouling the pond if it is not removed before the winter die-back.
  1. Over-feeding fish is a common problem. Cheap fish food may have a low conversion ratio, leading to increased waste. If the filtration system is not capable of handling the amount of fish waste generated, then over time detritus will accumulate. This is particularly common in koi ponds where the fish grow rapidly but the filters remain the same size.
  1. Whilst miniature ducks may seem to be the perfect compliment to your pond, please bear in mind that one duck can generate as much as 20 times as much waste as the same weight of fish! Ducks will often also introduce large amounts of detritus and waste from the sides of the pond and deposit it into the water.

That’s why every season has its specific maintenance jobs to keep your water installation in tip-top condition.

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