Garden Pond Cleaning

Need to book a service call to clean your pond?

Need to book a service call to clean your pond?

I need a pond cleaning service.

Pond cleaning services will keep your pond looking good and the inhabitants thriving.  Any Pond Limited recommends a minimum of one quick pond cleaning per annum, alongside a regular maintenance regime for best results and trouble-free pond keeping.  Cleaning a pond without draining it is quick and needed every now and again.

The advantages?

  1. The water level of the pond is not significantly reduced, thereby lessening the chances of in-falling (collapsing) of the pond edges and drying out of marginal plants.
  1. Fish and plants do not need to be removed from the pond, hugely reducing stress and the risk of damage.
  1. This holistic approach works with the natural bacteria in the pond. It does not significantly alter the chemical balance of the pond water, thus making it sympathetic to the pond environment.

Fish Pond Cleaning Service

Fish Pond Cleaning Service

Fish Pond Cleaning Service

Fish Pond Cleaning Service

Koi pond maintenance tips? 

I will start by clearing up a very important mistaken belief about clean ponds. To you and me a pond that is sparkling clear is clean, when you think about a lovely clean fish pond do you think of a swimming pool with lovely big fish floating about enjoying themselves.

To a fish the fact that the water is  clear means very little and it certainly does not mean its watery living room is clean and healthy.

Actually to goldfish and koi a somewhat coloured, cloudy or thick pond would suit them better as long as it was highly oxygenated and healthy.

Therefore what do we mean by a clean pond … seen through the fish’s perspective?

Balanced Koi Carp and Pond Plants

Balanced Koi Carp and Pond Plants

To Goldfish or Koi, a clean fish pond is.  A pond that’s free of harmful chemicals and any waste is removed by bacterial purification.  These methods to me and you may go against the grain but Mother Nature has been looking after aquatic life for years and years.

All the ammonia that is constantly generated by all pond fish is filter out by micro organisms and other useful bacteria strains.  Quite simply if this elimination of ammonia failed to take place any fish in a garden pond would’ve a very low lifespan and by that I mean weeks.

Do you recall that goldfish within the bowl that you loved so much as a child?  That you might have won as a prize (don’t get me started).  Do you ever remember it only lasted sometimes a week before dying?  This was because the bowl was to clean even sterile, but sometimes it would be because it poisoned itself to death in a clear goldfish bowl that was, actually, a toxic trap.  Did you known the goldfish is the hardest fish on the planet.

Why is cleaning so important?

Why is cleaning so important?

Why is cleaning so important?

Pond maintenance can be so critical towards the health and well-being of the fish, plants and pond. The first thing that we like to do before we start to clean or do any pond maintenance is to look at the condition of this fish, are the plants healthy, is the clarity of the water good, plus we look at the flow for fish pond water.

We want to make certain that all things are natural before we start any pond maintenance.

Healthy pond ecosystem

Healthy pond ecosystem

This fish pond only needs its filters cleaning, they are located at the top of the waterfalls and may be a quick net around to stir up and clean any particles that have been trapped by the plants, plus we would wash out the basket and the filter pad in the pond skimmer.

With these eco system ponds they need very little cleaning as the whole pond is a living filter.

A properly managed pond is healthy and balanced.  Which is going to be the focal point in every garden.  The aim is to maintain clear healthy pond water and to ensure that the pond plants don’t just takeover.  A fish pond in our book is more than goldfish or koi living in a body of water in the garden.

pond cleaning services midlands-uk-1

Pond Cleaning Services – Northampton

This pond even offers an even more advanced cleaning system known as compact life support system.

What is good about having the bio-media is that the waste is picked up off the base of the pond instead of the skimmer which just picks the debris off of this top for the pond?

A fish pond is known to us as pond pros as a balance between the pond plants and your beloved fish.  If you don’t have plants in a pond you simply have a fish pool (nothing wrong just labelled wrongly).

Large pond care or Koi Carp pool.  A koi pool is like a swimming pool but you keep it dedicated for koi carp.  Sometimes it’s the best scenario for the large pond fish but needs to be classed as a pool not a pond (due to the lack of plants).

Owning a balanced fish pond requires a lot less attention than any pool or over stocked fish pond where there is not this harmony and there is a common surge in the algae growth.  If your pond is not balanced you will have to carry out more backyard pond maintenance.

Pond Plants

Pond Plants

Most water gardeners are aware of the importance of decent quality water and the roll the plants play in any pond habitat.  Not knowing how to achieve or keep water quality can prove difficult to some pond owners.

Their water could be clear, but the fish might not be happy, and acting very strangely, this normally can signify that something might be wrong or a little off in your pond water.

Koi pond cleaning services and maintenance services should be carried out regularly and not left to Mother Nature unless you have a very large body of water with only a handful of fish.

Every season work will need to be done in and around your garden pond.

The cleaning services might include:

  • Pond pumps cleaned and serviced,
  • Pond filters serviced and cleaned,
  • Ultraviolet clarifier serviced,
  • Water features including fountains and waterfalls serviced and cleaned,
  • Pond netting and debris removal,
  • Fallen leaf clearing,
  • Pond refilled with aquatic safe water.

Types of cleaning work we do: 

  • Fishpond’s serviced and cleaned,
  • Fish safe water chemistry, sampling and improvement,
  • Pond maintenance and draining with a clean-out pump,
  • Clean outs with power washing,
  • Goldfish pond overhauls,
  • Koi pools maintained,
  • Bottom drain purging and repair,
  • Water features cleaned,
  • Total pond emptying,
  • Waterfall washing and Weed removal.
Cleaned out a Small Pond

Cleaned out a Small Pond

When would it be a good time to clean a fish pond? 

Fishponds should be kept cleaned although all the seasons.  Listed below are a few tips to guide you on how your fishpond can be kept clean in all the seasons?

In the Spring

The water begins to get warmer bringing your pond back into life. This is actually the best time for general maintenance on your pond and pond lining to prepare for a healthy and balanced, flourishing summer for your fish and plants.

As soon as the water temperature warms to around 100C and before fish, frogs and plants emerge from their winter dormant state begin the cleaning procedure by taken away any waste that has fallen to the base of the pond.

If left it will cause an increase in nutrient levels, resulted in algae growth as summer begins. This will be a job that need not be done to absolute perfection as a complete cleaning will upset the natural balance and algae control.

In the Summer

Keep algae under control. Rake away long filamentous algae through the water surface.

Check the fish pond filters daily and clean regularly.  Healthy fish pond filters need cleaning every 4-6 weeks as a maximum.  If you are having to clean your filters more regularly than this it’s a good sign you need a bigger filter to hold or process the load on the system.  Wetland filters only need cleaning one or twice a year again depending on the size of the system.

Warm water induces the growth and presence of parasites on fish.  So when feeding your fish get as close as possible and check for any signs of parasites.  However please note there are only a few visible parasite to the human eye.  It’s better to just be aware of parasites instead of stressing the fish out all the time to check for them.

Feed fish regularly with an impressive protein food to encourage growth and fat reserves for the coldest months. Warm water temperatures stimulate metabolism so less for the food eaten is going to be excreted.  Koi fish are omnivorous eating both plant and animal matter such as algae, aquatic plants, larvae, worms, and crustaceans, therefore, can supplement their diet with what is available in the pond if required.

Use a net to sweep leaves from the surface of the pond to help keep the water free of decaying vegetation eliminate dead leaves to avoid decomposing vegetation build-up. Prune back excess growth of submerged plants making sure that a great amount of light penetrates your pond to allow plants to continue to photosynthesis and renew oxygen levels.

In the Winter

Continue to remove the dead leaves in pond and every other debris from water surface.

Remove dead leaves from pond plants and move hardy plants for example lilies towards the deepest part of the pond to avoid their tubers being frozen.

What they eat is for the purpose of growth, colour, and energy. Koi are cold-blooded so metabolism is based on water temperature.

Seven tips for keeping a pond clean.

1. Maintain a healthy fish population

For those who have more than 10 of fish for every one hundred gallons of water, your pond is likely over-populated. Excessive fish waste may cause instability in pond water. Consider finding a few of them a new home.

2. Do not over feed your fish

As soon as you feed fish more than they can eat, the uneaten food is left to decay in the pond. Be careful never to feed your fish more than once per day, and no more than they may be able to eat in two to three minutes. Remove all excess, leftover food.

3. Create the ideal balance of plants

At season’s peak, you ought to have no more than 50% to 70% of the surface area of the pond either shaded or covered by plants. Too many plants may cause oxygen deficiencies at night because of the photosynthetic process when the plants take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.

4. Select the right size to pump for the pond

You should be circulating the whole pond’s water volume a minimum of once each hour. Make sure your pump’s flow is not limited by debris and get careful not to ever pump water higher than it was intended. Every pump has its flow limitations

5. Clean particles from the pond

Before they have the opportunity to decay, mixed with fish waste and leftover fish food, may cause ammonia levels to increase in your pond. Clean out your pond and add useful microbes such as Aquacade’s Beneficial Bacteria to aid make it healthy and clean.

6. Decide on proper filtration for your pond

Your filtration should match the dimensions of your pond. Remember, most manufacturers rate their filters based on ideal circumstances, and in case you exceed those, your filter becomes less efficient.

7. Keep your pond cool throughout heat waves in the summer.

Did you know fish can suffer from the heat and sun burn.  While pond water exceeds 80º Fahrenheit, it offers a more difficult time retaining acceptable stages of absorbed oxygen. This is why it’s required to have your pond shaded by rafting plants or a lovely pagoda if you have a koi pool.


How to clean a Northamptonshire fish pond

How to clean a Northamptonshire fish pond

How to clean a small pond with fish – Northamptonshire

The removal of all the unwanted pond waste, silt, plant waste, fish waste, all the water is double filtered.

Maintains most associated with the pond water in large holding vats. Water Changes are created if required

Never do any more than a 50% water change, even if toxins enter the fish pond.  Yes change 50% then a few hours later change another 50% and so on.  Just know large water changes put stress on the system and the livestock with in the pond.  It is possible to flush the system with safe mature water no problem, but raw tap water is a big no no!  Yes re fill a pond that accidentally been pumped out over night from plumbing issues but never put unnecessary stress on your fish.  Fish and wanted aquatic life are also housed in the pond water at all times.

The clean outs take away decaying debris during the bottom of the pond.  Water quality examinations are taken at regular intervals

Your pond needs a clean? 

Any Pond Limited is a pond company based in Daventry, Northampton which is in the Midlands UK.

Serving all the home counties and beyond for some services

the main counties include

Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

If you are looking for more information then why not watch Mark talk about Pond Cleaning in his Video’s like is one :- 

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Do you have any fish pond cleaning questions? Please comment below!

Is there any pond fish in Northamptonshire that will keep a pond clean?  Quick answer NO sorry, Ha Ha

Long answer pond fish will help keep you pond clean, they will eat algae.


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