Pond Servicing and Maintenance

While pond owners can minimize pond waste, proper pond servicing and maintenance requires the professional touch.

Any Pond Limited is pleased to offer service and maintenance on Domestic & Commercial ponds of any size.

Our Deluxe Pond Maintenance Service provides complete attention to your pond via monthly visits.

The Seasonal Service package includes four visits per annum (January, April, July and October – weather permitting) because each season has its own tasks. In the spring, we need to wake the water and give it a boost. Summer includes checking that everything is operational and healthy. When autumn leaves begin to fall, we cut-back and net as required. In winter we make sure that holes are kept in the water surface so that ice-trapped gas doesn’t kill the aquatic life. Winter is also the perfect opportunity for general cleaning and maintenance.

A Koi Pond Maintenance package keeps your pond in top condition. The break-down of organic waste (such dead algae, pond sludge and leaf waste) in the water can cause poor water quality and other related problems for fish.

What exactly do we mean by service and maintenance?

Any Pond Limited attends to a wide variety of processes depending upon the season and the specific needs of your pond. Here are some of them:

  • Debris: large items removed from pond via a net
  • Filters and feature pumps: checked and safely cleaned (both the mechanical and biological stages as needed)
  • Pond plants: husbandry undertaken, including feeding and trimming as necessary
  • Pond water: application of necessary conditioners, including the addition of beneficial bacteria to carry on working after we leave
  • Skimmer baskets: cleaned (if installed)
  • Water features: inspected and cleared
  • U.V. light: inspected to make sure it is working correctly

How often should my pond be serviced and/or maintained?

Any Pond Limited recommends a minimum of one pond service per annum, alongside a regular maintenance regime for best results and trouble-free pond keeping.

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