Whimsical Water Features


We have lots of water features to suit your taste or sense of humour. Do you want us to re create something you saw on holiday or remember from you childhood. Do you like a break from the norm, do you like magic, we can hide the box you dream it we build it. These lovely features have a price range of £240 to around £7995.

Some people like things that are more Shui than Feng so we have a variety of styles and sizes. These water feature include (but no means limited) fountainscapes, recycle water fountains, playful fun features that get kids excited and challenge their thinking, simple – basic splashes of water, raining trees

Do you love the relaxing sound of water trickling down a or watching the flow of water caving out stone. when you are trying to unwind the look for water features for small gardens, bubbling rocks and urns. Are you thinking about owning a nice garden water feature to match your landscape. Garden fountains can be installed in just a couple of hours, so you can come home (or surprise a loved one) to a beautiful water feature with the lovely sound of water.

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