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Do You Have Algae and Blanketweed Problems?

Every pond owner will have experienced murky water at some point in time. Even in well maintained ponds this may happen as several factors can come together to produce water quality issues. If you do not use Multi Aqua or some other form of beneficial bacteria you will allow algae and blanketweed to flourish, particularly during the spring as the water warms up.

Here at Any Pond we have gained an in depth knowledge of the treatment of many forms of algae. Over the years we have successfully controlled a number of different strains of blanket weed and a few varieties of single celled algae commonly known as green water. After some extensive research we developed and sourced a number of different strains of beneficial bacteria for ponds.

Over an 18 month trial period of using different pond products Multi Aqua was born. Now some years on thousands of people have enjoyed the fruits of our labour. This pond product is a natural alternative to many harmful chemical based water treatments that do not solve the problem. Since its launch in 2005, Multi Aqua has been used successfully on thousands of ponds and pools, from small ponds of a few hundred gallons to large koi carp ponds and not forgeting a few freshwater aquariums.

Multi Aqua is a combination of a natural bacterial culture and starter feed, supplied in a user-friendly, water-soluble sachet that is simply placed in the pond and dissolves in a few minutes. Once released, the bacteria reactivate and begin to feed and multiply in the pond, boosting the natural population of bacteria. These beneficial bacteria consume fish and plant waste, reducing the levels of waste in the pond. With no waste to feed upon, the algae begin to starve and green water is quickly controlled.

Although algae and blanketweed control is the most visual result of adding Multi Aqua to your pond. This amazing product also significantly improves water quality by consuming organic waste. As it carrys on reducing the build up of waste in the pond and filter system. This in turn helps the pond owner enjoy more of the pond because the need to clean the filters have now been reduced.

Unlike chemical based products, which treat the symptoms of green water and blanket weed, Multi Aqua tackles the under lying cause, the excessive waste in the pond. Our product provides a much longer term improvement, in water quality and its not just a ‘quick fix’ that will make the algae grow more and more. One sachet of Multi Aqua will treat a fish pond of up to 1,000 UK gallons for a month, making it not only economical, but less harsh on your pond inhabitants and the local wildlife.

If green water, blanket weed or poor water quality are recurring problems in your pond. Then you should take a good look at your feeding regimes and stocking levels. Excessive feeding of fish, especially with cheap wheat based fish foods that will produce more waste, along with the use of the wrong aquatic soils and fertilisers, are all common problems that will lead to very poor water quality. Very often there is an identifiable cause for poor water quality that can be tackled quickly. This inturn will give you a trouble-free pond and you can then start to enjoy the ownership of a beautiful pond once again.

The build up of organic waste will happen over time in natural clay lined ponds that are un filtered. This build up of waste can also become a problem in larger ponds that are full of big fish. The organic waste in the pond will eventually lead to the silting up of the pond and this leads to rapid changes in the water chemistry, especially the oxygen levels that will kill the fish quickly.

If you own one of these types of pond we strongly recommend the larger sachets which is sold under the name Bio Lake. Bio Lake has been developed to give all the advantages of Multi Aqua. Like Multi Aqua its very easy to apply by hand, a very economical form of Beneficial Bacteria that can be used to treat any volume of water. If you have not used it before its best applied in the early spring, particularly when the water temperature is rising, then again once per month. Bio Lake can significantly improve the water quality of your large polluted fish pond, reduce silt from your natural clay lined pond and even reduce the levels of organic waste in a duck or farm pond.


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