Pond Repair

Restoring a garden pond or waterfall by pond repair specialists.

It’s always frustrating ​when you face a pond repair.   When you pay someone skilled to install your own little oasis in your garden (only for it to fail).

Building a lovely natural looking waterfall or a stream (or pay for the materials to do it yourself).  Is a great feature to any garden.  But if it starts become faulty it might just be switched off and forgotten about. Consequently just getting worst over the years.

It becomes a cesspool for mosquitos and other nasty creatures that you never wanted to attract.  You can’t find the time to fix it. You ask them to come back, and they won’t. So you simply don’t know that you are going to do.

Pond repair and repairing waterfalls may seem like a daunting task and even bigger expense. But with our trained pond repair specialists here at Any Pond Ltd you are in save hands.  If however you are not local to us in the (we are in the Midlands UK). You might have to search for pond repair near me to find your local pond repair companies.

We can help

We’re here to not only offer you our services and assist in getting that water feature back up and running. But to also give you a better understanding of your pond. What could be the issue, and how to approach it.  In this article, we explore the process in repairing a pond for you (or give you an idea how we would tackle this as a pond repair contractor). So the might be able to tackle that leaky waterfall or repair your leakages in a pond liner.

In all, don’t abandon your pond or water feature because it needs repair! Pond repair is possible, waterfall repair is possible and if you can’t manage it on your own. We are happy to assist you.  All ponds and water features need love and care, you’ll get to enjoy it more if you give it!

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My pond is leaking what can I do?

Ponds are a very decorative touch to your garden, especially if they have water plants or fish. But, a pond is not such a simple structure as it may look from the outside. It is made out of various materials with pieces of equipment that ensure the filtration of the water.

Thus, from time to time, your pond may need some repairs here and there. There are cases in which you don’t have to be a pond repair specialist to fix the problems you may have. If you want to know more about how to repair a pond, we invite you to read the following lines.

How to find a hole in a pond liner


pond liner repair

Pond Liner Repairs

Fixing leaky ponds

How to find a leak in your fish pond liner, so you can do some pond repair.

If you notice that the water level in your pond dropped a little, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is leaking each time such a thing happens.  On sunny days with much warm temperatures, it is normal for the water in your pond to evaporate slowly, and to appear like the water is slowly disappearing.

In the case of a leak however, water will start disappearing faster than in the case of evaporation, the difference sometimes being noticeable from one day to another.

The first thing to do is to turn all of the pond equipment off.  So no water is being pumped out of the pond.  This will eradicate any plumbing or water moving out of the pond via mechanical means.

When all the pond equipment is off you can then mark the water level on a horizontal plane.  That means you must measure the surface of the pond from a vertical point.  So then you know how much exactly the pond is losing within a couple of hours or within 24 hours.

Looking after you pond fish

To safeguard the fish in warmer weather we have a circulating pump on. But that must be contained within the pond itself.  We’ve had many clients that think their pond is leaking through the liner. But in fact it’s actually water emotion that is being blown out or a leaky pipe or fitting.

Air pumps are a very good way to provide circulation in the warm weather because they don’t move water out of the pond.

If you have had the pond switched off the 12 to 24 hours and the pond has not dropped. This means the water is not actually leaking from the pond itself. In this case the water is actually being pumped out or blown out from a fountain. Turn these fountains down so no splash and drift. If you have a waterfall make sure that the waterfall has no low edges. Something could be blocking the flow of water.

How to stop a pond from leaking.

It depends very much on how the pond was made, before we know how to stop a pond leak.  Hopefully you can point us in the right direction so we can start the pond repair process.  We would then be able to start looking at which pond repair service is the best way forward.

If you are interesting in building a pond, do you know that you can avoid pond repair by rocking in the whole of the pond (this protects the liner).  If you build the pond correctly with the right materials. Then the pond liner is protected and the bottom will not allow water to leak.

But if you have a pond that is leaking, the only way to stop it is to find the leak and carry out the pond repair; otherwise you might lose all the water in the pond.

Finding a leak

Finding a leak in a pond can be tricky business, especially if the pond is rather large. But, instead of panicking, do have in mind that you can use pond leak detection dye to detect leaks. If you notice a wet area near the pond, an indicator that water may leak from the pond, use the dye in the water near that spot to see if the coloured water comes out towards that wet spot.

In the case of pond leaks, rubber or PVC pond liner leak detection is the most useful, because ponds usually leak through their liner. A crack or whole may appear or a rock may go out of place, if the liner contains rocks, causing the water to leak.

If the leaks of the pond are superficial and near the surface, you can use a number of pond repair techniques to fix them. If the cause of the leak is on the bottom of the pond, you will need to get everything out of the pond and you might want to call in a garden pond specialist to repair the base of the pond and use the right products to fix the problem.  As their is a lot more pressure the further you go down.

Garden Pond Repairs – Liner Leaks

pond repair

Having ruled out the possibility of it being a leak in the waterfall and your pond or water feature is still losing water faster than it naturally should, you start to worry that the lining of your pond may have slipped, or worse, has a hole in it. How could you possibly lift up your whole pond a see if there’s a leak? How do you find a pond leak? Not to fear! While it may seem impossible, a leak in the lining of your pond or water feature is repairable.

The first step is discovering precisely where the leak is coming from in the liner. To do this, there is pond leak detection dye. Some come in tablets while others come in liquid form, and all you need to do is drop it into your pond (don’t worry, it’s not toxic if you have any fish!). Depending on the natural colour of your pond, if it’s not as clear as you’d like it to be, you will want to make sure you pick a colour you can see against it (i.e. yellow or green dye works well against brown water).

The coloured water will then gravitate to where the water is leaking from, pulled by the force of it, so that you can narrow down where the issue is. From there, either yourself or a trusted contractor such as Any Pond Ltd. can then take the next steps in patching the liner or preventing leakage other ways.

Ways to fix pond liner

One way to fix a pond liner water leak is the same way you would patch a pool. Using Pond repair products like pond repair tape, pond repair glue, even pond repair spray. Or even with tools from a pond repair kits that come supplied with the preformed ponds. The liner can be patched and sealed so that water can no longer seep out into the ground and cause the water level in your pond or water feature to drop. The products are water resistant; however, although inconvenient, if this is not the first puncture in the pond liner, it may be best to replace it after discovering and removing the cause of the punctures.

If your pond or water feature is concrete, however, and is without a liner, the best way is to use pond leak repair concrete. Rather than allowing for the water to seep down into the ground through cracks in the concrete base, pond leak repair concrete can reseal the pond or water feature and prevent more water loss.

If you notice that your liner or concrete base is leaking, you are concerned that it may be, or you just need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Any Pond, Ltd. for more information.

Waterfall Leaks in a natural steam or waterfall

​You notice that the water level of your pond or water feature drops a significant amount in a short time frame, no matter how much you fill it. It’s not just the natural amount of water loss that goes with evaporation, especially in warmer weather, and it only drops like that when your waterfall is on. So, it begs the question: how do I find a leak in a waterfall, and what’s causing it?

​Algae will grow wherever it is wet and sunny, and your waterfall is no exception. The buildup of algae, particularly in the summer, can cause the water to change its designed course, in a sense.  Rather than following the path the rocks initially dictated when your waterfall was first installed. The water is redirected by the buildup. Water can sometimes spill outside of the pond or water feature instead of returning to the right place to carry on the cycle.  This is the same for ice build up in the winter months.  Sometimes, the leak in the waterfall is easily repaired through cleanup, since it is occurring naturally.

Is it in the construction?

​However, in some cases, the waterfall has a flaw in its construction. This allows for water to seep down into the liner or outside of the pond or water feature.  This is remedied, for example, with a rock waterfall repair.  With specially designed non toxic pond repair supplies. That can repair this gap or hole in the waterfall’s design. If possible without total renovation.  Such a product is what’s called pond guard cover tape; it not only can help seal rocks together in the construction of waterfalls, but can also seal a leak and prevent further water loss so that your pond or water feature can run again, with out water loss.

​If you notice that your waterfall is leaking, you are concerned that it may be, or you just need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Any Pond Ltd for more information.

Fixing leaky pond waterfalls

How to find a leak in a pond waterfall?

The dropping levels of the water in your pond are not necessarily due to a leak in the pond. If you have a waterfall installed in your pond, water may leak through your waterfall if the structure of the waterfall allows it.  So, if you haven’t notice any leaks around your pond, you should definitely check the waterfall to see if anything is leaking through there.  Check pipe works and fittings.  For example do you have a repaired pipe that has now started leaking?

Your garden soil around the waterfall is saturated with water.  However there was not been any rain in the past few days.  You haven’t watered the plants in a while, that’s a good indicator that the waterfall is leaking and the water is getting into the soil around it.

This is easy to notice on a warm sunny day.  When the rest of the soil around the pond is dry, the only wet spot being around the waterfall.  Also, as waterfall leak detection, if you want to clearly determine the location of the leak, you can use a special pond die and turn on the waterfall, the coloured water allowing you to see through where it is escaping in the waterfall.

How to fix a waterfall? 

Well, it will take a while, because leaks in a waterfall are usually due to failures in the structure, low edges after the ageing has settled. All with preformed waterfalls you may get subsidence to the waterfall units actually lean back away from the pond under water leaks out the back all from one of the sides.  If you have a natural waterfall. It may be that a framing rock that wasn’t installed correctly. Or are you growing blanket weed that is forming a dams or stopping leaves.  This means that the water backs up and then runs out the side.

Now that you know how to find a leak in a pond waterfall, we need to get to the waterfall leak repair.  You’ll need time for this. It might be a time to rebuild the feature. Replace the damaged parts and remake any connections that weren’t sealed well enough.

If you are lucky and the damage is not that big, and some pond liner patches should solve the problem, if on the other hand its major work, you might be better off rebuilding the whole waterfall.  This also gives you a chance to change the waterfall you might about the waterfall for a number of years.

Rebuilding or repairing a waterfall

If you have to take the waterfall down and rebuild it better, so it does not leak next time.  If you want a waterfall that is not creating so many leaking issues, do consider a going down the easy route for DIY enthusiast with the preformed waterfalls that you can buy at most water garden centres. There are plenty models of preformed waterfalls on the market. Easy to be integrated in your pond on the cheap.  Still, if you want to have it made out of genuine rocks and avoid the risk of having water leaks, it would be best to have a professional build your pond waterfall, regardless of its type.

How to find a leak in your koi pond (Pond or pool still comes under fish pond repair).

Ponds and pools that have Koi fish in them are highly decorative.  The Koi or in Japanese miss nishikigoi (coloured fish). Is preferred by a lot of enthusiasts koi carp owners for their bright colours and for their sturdiness. This type of pond fish can resist in cold waters. Even if the surface of the pond freeze, as long as there is a whole it in to allow oxygen to get in the water.  But, be careful if you live in a very colder climate (colder than the UK).  Where winters tend to be very cold for a long time, if you have a lot of freezing weather you may have to shut down the pond.

The pond has to be deep enough over 90cm (3’) for koi carp.  So that it won’t freeze completely, because to much change will kill the fish.  However it might be oxygen levels instead of the cold. As the bacteria use all the O2 up, under the ice. So, you either make a pond deep enough, you must get the Koi out of the pond during the winter months and house them in a tank somewhere safe, or you get a pond heating or bubbling system to keep the water in the pond from freezing solid during winter.

But, getting back to the issue that interests us, what to do if your Koi pond is leaking?

Unlike a regular pond that has no fish in it. A pond with Koi fish may have several pieces of equipment, besides the ordinary pond filter.

This also includes turning off the waterfall, if you have one. Which is also useful for the aeration of the pond, being benefit for the fish.

Doing this will help you notice if the pond is leaking. In cases you have a suspicion that water is getting out of the pond. So take a measure of the water’s level and check it in the same way the next day. Now see just how much the pond has dropped.

Just do the operation fairly quickly. So you won’t deprive the fish of oxygen. Do remember to turn everything on once you are done.

If the water loss is significant from one day to another. Then most certainly you are dealing with a leaking pond. If the loss is not that significant. The dropping water level may be due to heat, especially if the pond enjoys a lot of sunshine during the day.

Is your pond dropping

If you notice that your pond is leaking, you’ll have to transfer your Koi fish somewhere safe until you manage to solve the problem. With the fish out of the pond, it is time to locate the leak. First, you will have to let the pond sit, with all the equipment turned off, until it stops leaking. For this, you will have to measure the water levels on a daily basis, ideally at the same time each day. Doing this will let you know when the pond stopped leaking and it is time to do the verifications.

The pond stops leaking when the differences between water levels. From one day to another are rather insignificant or when there are almost no differences. Do note that this process may take a few days. Depending on the size of your pond and how much water leaked out of it already.

You can start by checking the pond’s liner, the area where leaks occur most of the time, so you can stop pond leaks.

How to find a leak in a concrete or fibreglass pond liner? 

You will need to carefully and closely inspect the perimeter. Meaning that you will have to get as close as 6 inches to the liner to be sure that you are inspecting it right. The presence of a crack or an area where the soil is moist. In comparison with the rest of the soil around the pond, may indicate a leak.  You can also raise the water level in the pond by an inch and use a pond leak detection dye.  In the area where you think the leak is located.  If the pond is indeed leaking, you should be able to see a thin strain of coloured water getting through the leak.  This is confirming the location of the leak.

Waterfall leak repair

What if the pond is leaking through a concrete spillway or waterfall?

This is as well a possibility. Finding a leak in your pond waterfall can be done in the same manner. As you did when trying to find a leak in your pond.  A pond leak detection dye will show you where the water is leaking. So you can carry out your waterfall repair.

Do have in mind that a wet ground area near the waterfall may also indicate a leak.  So it is allowing the water to leak on the outside as the waterfall is functioning. So, little by little, the water levels in the pond are dropping.

How to fix a leak in your concrete or metal waterfall spillway?

Once that you have identified the leak, you need to see how serious is it. Still, this plan may not work. If the problem comes from the pond design or waterfall construction. If it was a DIY project? There may be some problems with how the waterfall was put together. The flaws turning into leaks as time passed by.  So, pond waterfall reconstruction and fixing a leak may end up being a possible scenario in case.

But, if you want to make sure that your pond will not leak in the future. You may ask the help of a pond specialist that will help you will the waterfall leak repair. Plus other issues that may be connected to your pond.

What to do in case you need a pond repair.

Many people that have ponds in their backyards or gardens. Do not have the required knowledge to perform a pond repair if needed. If you are in this group as well, you don’t have to worry about it. Because you are not the only one. Ponds are very beautiful and relaxing pieces of outdoor décor. This is why many people opt for having one in the proximity of their home. But, just like almost anything in this world. Ponds don’t last forever and may need some repair actions now and then.

Leaks are the most common problem in the case of a pond. Which may lead to the depletion of the entire pond in time. If you have fish in your pond, such a thing is dangerous for their safety. It is true that there are pond repair kits for preformed ponds. So you may try to use them in case you have this type of pond.

Pond leak detection

Pond leak detection is probably one of the most complicated processes. Because water needs a very small space to get out of the pond. There are tiny holes, usually in your pond liner that are more than enough for water to infiltrate and escape the pond. Making you fill the pond or perform a refill rather often.

How do you patch a pond liner?

If you located the damaged area, the first thing you need to do is get the fish out of the pond. If you have any, so you can make the repairs in a safe manner and without risking harming them.  Anything from a plastic tub to a kid’s paddling pool will do for temporary housing your fish. As long as it is suitable for their size.

Drain the water from the pool to expose the damaged area.

You need to have that part of the liner dry in order to perform the operation. If under water or wet don’t start repairing the leak in the garden pond liner (unless you have the right professional tools and materials). Plus don’t attempt to pull the liner out of the water either. Algae deposited on its surface, is scrubbed off before doing anything.  A small bristle brush will do the trick, so you don’t need anything sophisticated for the job.

You can fix the liner with the help of pond liner repair kits (pond repair kit). Which have everything you need for this task.  You can either apply pond liner repair glue on the damaged but clean and dry area of the liner. Then putting a patch on top that is large enough to cover the damage.  Or you can use pond liner repair tape. If the damaged area does not cover a surface that is too large. In case you used glue on a PVC pond liner. Allow the glue to dry properly before filling the pond with water.

So, if you didn’t know how to fix pond leaks

A user-friendly guide to fixing leaks can give you all the info you need for such a job. Hopefully, the information I have give you is enough.

If you’re still not sure how to fix a whole in a pond liner properly. You would like the task to be performed by a specialist.  You are in the right place as we are your local pond repair specialists but if we are not the right company for you.  Do check out the pond repair companies that are in your area.  We do have a few guides to help you the right questions from a garden pond specialist

The team sent by such a company will have the knowledge and tools needed to fix a leaking pond. In no time and you will have the certainty that the pond will not leak anymore.  From that hole any way.  They will be able to tell you if its better to re build the whole pond or simply patch the holes, after an exploratory drain and clean.

What are the most suitable companies to repair my pond?

This is a frequently asked question by all those pond owners. That want to have a pond repaired in a professional and efficient manner. So, before picking the company that will take care of your pond. Make sure to check out reviews and feedback from previous owners. Which will let you know if the pond repair company is trustworthy or not. Also, the experience in the field of the company matters as well, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about it as well.  This having been said. We hope you’ll end up enjoying a gorgeous pond again.  Please share this article, if you have any questions please get in touch with your local pond repair specialists.

Contact us today if you need help with anything to do with your garden pond

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