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Pond Products For Algae

This webpage is the place to find out about our leading Pond and Water Gardening Products; we have several effective beneficial bacteria products for your pond, water garden, lake or even if you have a minor water feature.

If you are having water quality problems, you will need a product or two to help you look after your pond or water feature. We have several top pond products to help you with pond or water feature management; these products will break up and digest organic waste. They work by attacking the cause of the problem, not just the symptom like chemical pond products do. These products are the best because they are 100% safe and simple to use. Preventing organic waste up is the best treatment for you and your water.

We have been developing and testing many beneficial bacteria products for an extended period. We are always looking for products to help our client’s needs instead of trying to find clients for our products. All our products are designed to aid the maintenance and management of freshwater ecosystems.

Our aquatic products have been around since 2005 plus applied by thousands of people, including members of the general public, fish farmers, contractors, staff at parks and gardens, grounds maintenance staff at golf courses and, of course, in estate lakes in stately homes. We also, over the years, have stocked many large aquatic stores and other professional pond contractor firms.

Multi Aqua is our best selling product by far as it’s super easy to use with no mess or spillage, as it comes in water-soluble sachets. This product reduces your pond maintenance and helps to keep the pond water in tip-top condition.

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Are you using the right pond products, and do you have the right pond equipment?

Do you know if you are wasting more money than you need to each month on inefficient pond equipment that uses too much energy? If not, then we may be able to help you reduce and save some money long term, and you still will be able to keep your prize pet fish.

Contact us today to book an on-site pond energy consultation. In this pond consultation, we will be able to give you an idea of how much your current pond is costing you each month. Then we can make sure you are getting the most from your selected pond products, and your pond equipment is serving you well!

Having your pond equipment installed by us not only do we ensures that you only have the best quality gear, but you could also be saving money each month. So, for example, if you want to dramatically reduce your pond energy bills down to only a few pounds per month, we can look at changing or altering your system to drop your pond running costs.

Just think for a moment, when was the last time you had your pump serviced?

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