How to Clean a Waterfall

Cleaning a waterfall can help maintain its beauty and prevent the buildup of algae, debris, and mineral deposits. Here are some steps to effectively clean a waterfall: Gather the necessary tools for cleaning a waterfall Ensure you have the right equipment to start cleaning your stand-alone waterfall or a garden pond waterfall. This includes a

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Garden Waterfall

A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Garden Waterfall Waterfalls are very often the most gorgeous part of your garden.  Waterfalls bring a garden pond alive For a lot of people the fish or the water lilies may be your favourite part, but few will deny that it’s the waterfall that really makes the garden. Waterfalls

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Garden Waterfall Kits

A buyer’s guide to garden waterfall kits There’s something exceptional about having a waterfall feature in your backyard. It instantly elevates your garden, creating an outdoor oasis. Many people have their water features professionally installed, but if you’re the type that likes to get your hands dirty, you have probably considered garden waterfall kits. Not

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Pond Design – Planning

WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO SITE A POND? When thinking about pond design and deciding on the best area in your garden to site your new pond is a critical step in the design process that may well ultimately influence other aspects of your garden pond design.  Some factors that must and need to

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Irregular shaped ponds – How to Reline & Calculate the Volume

If you’re having a hard time get your heads around irregular shaped ponds. On this web page, I will go into some information about shaped fish pond and answer the following questions. How to line an oddly shaped pond? Also How to calculate the volume of an irregular shape pond? How to line an oddly

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Do Pond Snails Eat Algae?

Do Pond Snails Eat Algae? Yes, however, it does depend on what type of algae we are talking about in a garden pond. As a general rule of thumb, yes they do eat algae. Pond snails will eat algae of varying different species. Indeed, it’s a case of, they can’t eat single-cell algae in a

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Waterfall Spillway Boxes UK

The size of these waterfall spillway boxes are: Lying down facing you like in the picture before 60cm (24”) Wide – 55cm is the width of the mouth, the opening for the water to flow out off, 44cm (17.5”) Deep – back to front, from the inlet on the back to the opening of the

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Wildlife Ponds

WHY ARE PONDS GOOD FOR WILDLIFE? Creating a wildlife pond in your garden adds beauty and generates interest in the landscape. Please stop and imagine creating a relaxing environment for you and the family to enjoy, think about the lovely soothing sound from a little stream which is babbling away in the background of your garden. 

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What are the best pond shapes

Chances are you have found this webpage because you’re looking for some information on the different Pond Shapes (best pond shape, natural pond shapes, garden pond shapes, fish pond shapes,) or the best size for a garden pond. What are the best pond shapes? What garden pond shapes are their? We get these types of questions

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Water Feature Designer

Firstly, are you looking for a water feature designer to design and build you a brand new water feature, stream or a garden waterfall? We can create you a fantastic stream or waterfall large or small. Why are you so confident, well we are the leading stream and waterfall builders here in the UK.  

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Pond Cleaning Services – Northampton

Pond Cleaning Services – Northampton Probably came across our website because you were searching for one of these three keywords pond cleaning services – Northampton either fishpond cleaner Northants or even Pond Maintenance Company in Northampton or something very similar. If your new to my website here is a quick background to my pond cleaning company.  Over the years we

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The Cost of Digging a Pond

The cost of digging a pond is a big subject — the cost changes due to a number of different things like pond types and styles of the garden pond you want.  On this webpage, Mark – The Pond Advisor will explain the cost of building a garden pond for you. Plus mark talks about the

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Pond Repair

Restoring a garden pond or waterfall by pond repair specialists. It’s always frustrating ​when you face a pond repair.   When you pay someone skilled to install your own little oasis in your garden (only for it to fail). Building a lovely natural looking waterfall or a stream (or pay for the materials to do it

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Pond Building Services in Northamptonshire – CASE STUDY

Pond Building Services in Northamptonshire – Case Study A garden pond in Northampton Town Centre was in need of one of our expert Pond Building Services in Northamptonshire.  It had got very tired and very problematic. It needed servicing far to much. The home owners did not want to pay for the regular visit from

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Pond Specialist Near Me – Questions to ask your local pond specialist?

Are you my local pond specialist near me? If you have found the right pond specialist, these are some important questions to ask them. You are in the right place if you are you looking for a Pond Specialist Near Me or a local pond specialist?  Ask these essential questions to your pond specialist that is near you,

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Pond Maintenance 101

So prevention is the primary key to low maintenance in a water garden. But having said that, many shortcuts will make it less time consuming and more enjoyable. Above all, if you have got the right filtration system (mechanical filtration and biological filtration), the maintenance is much more comfortable. This filter combination is going to

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Pond Job Opportunities

Pond Job Opportunities – Building & Caring for Ponds & Water Features. We currently have full and part time positions available.  Why not join Mark Wilson the Managing Director for a Day playing in the dirt in his garden.  You might just love what we do and start building full time with us. We’re Any

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Need to get your head around pond building, well I have put together a pond building guide so you can enjoy the process, with or without dirty hands. All we do the same is start digging a hole. Pond building is a result of the existing pond builds. That has been made improperly, which become a

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Garden Pond Cleaning – A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning a Garden Pond.

If you want a garden that looks amazing, the enhancement that can change everything in it is a clean garden pond. In case you don’t have a garden pond, you should seriously consider making one, because it can really change the décor of your recreational space a great deal, plus it will pay you back

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Pond Cleaning

10 Warning Signs That Your Pond Needs a Clean! 1 – Pond Waste Do you have a pond and are in question as to whether or not it needs to be cleaned out or not? Do not worry; you are not alone.  Many new owners of ponds are not aware of the warning signs of

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Beware of Pond Predators, They Want Your Fish! Do you have the question like: “What is eating my pond fish?”.  Well you are in the right place. Looking for fish pond protection from predators Predator prevention is becoming an increasingly important consideration when designing ponds, particularly in rural locations. There are a lot of predators

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RHS Hampton Court Flower Show – Water Feature Competition

Win a fully customisable water feature of your choice, worth up to £5000 Terms & Conditions Please read this carefully. If you enter this competition, we will assume that you have read these rules and that you agree to them. The Prize Up to £5000 is available in the form of a credit to be

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Pond Cleaning Services In the Midlands UK

All ponds are different, and what works for one in terms of care and large or small pond maintenance might not be appropriate for another.  A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t cut it. The important thing to remember is that your pond is a living, growing environment, not just a pretty piece of

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Pond Case Study – Emergency Pond Repair

Pond Case Study This is why we build ponds and general builders build houses. Pond Case Study – The Situation Local general builders had built a large pond on the cheap with second hand materials, they could not keep the water at the right level so the home owners were not happy. The large pond

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Garden Ponds and Water Features – The Best in The World

This post is really only my personal opinion of what I think are the best garden ponds in the world, after all, there is no X-Factor for ponds! Trying to achieve the best garden pond designs that I can is something that I really strive for and have spent many years traveling the world learning how builders and designers in many countries approach pond design.

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Pond Problems – Should You Fix Your Existing Pond or Build A New One?

Do you have pond problems? Existing ponds that have been improperly built can be a consumer’s nightmare. Those who have attempted to build their own pond have found the reality to be quite different from simply digging a hole and just dropping a liner in it. But thats how easy most people think pond construction is

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How to Add an Oriental Touch to Your Northampton Pond Design

Japanese and oriental style gardens are characterised by having a deceptively simple design. Every element in the garden has meaning and is laid out with precision, be this swirling gravel, water, the placement of a cherry tree or clump of bamboo. All of the elements, be they structural, water, or floral need to work in

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Pond and Water Garden Design: What You Need to Know Before Calling in an Expert

  If you are not familiar with the pond design process then it is a prudent idea to call in an expert. The planning stage is key to getting the pond design that you really desire and an expert can give you lots of tips and pointers on how to achieve that dream pond. They

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Pebble Fountain | Water Feature Design | Any Pond Limited | UK

If you have a low maintenance gravel area in the garden then it makes sense to consider installing or thinking about designing a small pebble fountain/water feature as this will blend in with the existing structure well and will require minimal work to install. The key point though is to consider carefully the design.  It

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Informal Pool with Waterfalls and Rocks

Waterfalls add a very dynamic and structural focal point to any pool, but are particularly suited to the informal pool where they can blend into the overall design seamlessly. Sitting and shape of the pool and waterfall are very important considerations. Ideally, you do not want the waterfall to look good just when it is

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Informal Fish Pond Design

An informal fish pond design can allow you to create a very lush garden pond. Plus you will benefit from a semi-natural looking environment for your wildlife or fish. Which creates an aesthetically backdrop for your garden. You need to have quite a large amount of space for even a modest-sized garden pond for fish.

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Introduction to Pond Design in Northamptonshire

Water in a garden is a very exciting and interesting thing to have in any outdoor space. Water will fit into any scenario – although I would say that as I love to promote the benefits of water in the garden. Water can add a level of tranquility to the garden, giving a stillness and

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Small Space Pond Design and Water Feature Design

More and more of us are living in cities where outdoor space is very limited, yet this need not be a block on having a water feature. Even if you only have a small patio, or small nook in the garden there is no reason why you cannot incorporate a patio bowl, a small barrel

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Designing a Newt Friendly Pond

The best newt friendly pond designs contain lots of submerged plants with leaves under the water as this gives the animals plenty of safe areas in which to hide. You also need to encourage lots of live food in a pond designed for newts to give them plenty to eat. Ideally, leave fish out of

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Rocks and Gravel Substrate Pond Design

There is always and continued debate between pond contractors about whether rocks and gravel in a pond is a good idea or not. I personally think a lot depends upon whether you are planning on building a pond or a pool. If you are building a pond then you are going to have plants in

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Reflections Pond Design

When looking for a body of water to reflect you need to have a very still surface. It needs to be like glass or a mirror and the water needs to be as dark as possible to give the maximum amount of reflection. There are commercially available dyes which allow you to change the colour

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Naturalistic Pond Design

Ponds and streams that look natural are extremely difficult to create. Imitating nature is a true art form that can be mastered by only a few. The most natural-looking water features blend together, as professional pond designers we use a number of elements to give the overall natural effect. The stone work has to be

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What Makes Any Pond Different?

Question: Why do some contractors leave you feeling bitter and disappointed, while others give you a great overall experience that exceeds your expectations?

Since 2003 we at Any Pond have asked ourselves that very question as we have sought to become one of the best pond companies in the UK.

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Why a Koi Pond?

My fish have now grown too big for my current fish pond, so I am now thinking about up grading my current pond to a larger home for my fish After several years of owning a variety of ponds, our clients contacted us with a view to building a koi pool in their garden. With their already quite extensive knowledge of pond keeping

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How to Increase Your Pond Fish Health

Any Pond offer a range of fish health services in the midlands UK. These visits are designed to minimise the stress on your fish. Even in the best maintained ponds, fish health emergencies can occur from time to time. From stress-induced ailments to fish parasites and diseases, Any Pond Limited is able to offer timely

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The Fastest Way to Effective Koi Pond Cleaning

In this koi pond cleaning case study, we cover a well-established pond that has been suffering from poor water quality for several months. This was leading to the fish behaving listlessly, eating irregularly and also a loss in the water clarity. Examination of the customer’s pond suggested that it was suffering from a number of

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