Bio Lake

Why do I need to add these bugs to my koi pond or lake?

You need to add this Bio Lake Treatment when you have problems with sludge buildup or high nutrient levels. These beneficial bugs or bacteria will help you reverse the process. Bring your lake back from the dead or keep it from going out of balance. As a powerful lake treatment, these sachets are very easy to use. One sachet will treat 100 Sq M for one month.

The Pond Advisor Say:

Adding good bacteria is an effortless way to clean up after your fish. Adding Bio Lake is a great way to reduce the amount of organic waste in your pond or lake. It is a very effective and biological way to keep your water safe and healthy.

Using harmful chemicals may be cheaper short term, but it is like going to the doctors and asking them for a pill to stop you from smoking or losing weight quickly. This is not natural and does not last very long, and it should not replace leading a healthy lifestyle.

Bio Lake Treatment

Most ponds and lakes that need these bugs are usually bodies of water enclosed and have waste building up in them. These ponds and lakes suffer from a lack of water movement or are not balanced ecosystems with a constant influx of freshly biologically filtered water.

In natural bodies of water, you will find the water is continuously filtered as it runs through lots of biological filter media such as rocks, gravel, soil and sand. This media is where most of the good bacteria live. If you do not have a good supply of clean filtered water, then this is where the beneficial bacteria in Bio Lake will help you.

If you have an unfiltered or non-circulated pond, you will need to add some help as it is just about as far away from nature as possible. Most people severely overstock their ponds and site them in the wrong places, like next to or under trees, as it looks good, but then every autumn, the trees start dropping all of their leaves and become dead plant material. This large amount of organic matter will become a problem if left unchecked.

All the bugs in your pond or lake prefer moving water as it brings them a constant supply of food, and most good bacteria need plenty of oxygen to work effectively. So providing a good aeration pump or opening up dense plant growth around an enclosed pond or lake will help circulate the water. 

Bio Lake Treatment

Good bacteria clean and remove toxins from the water, but they sometimes need a hand if there is a large amount of waste. In extreme cases where not much has been done to deal with this waste, it may need to be removed by man, and this costs much more than adding good bacteria once a month.

Biological filtration is more important to the whole ecosystem than mechanical filtration. If you do not have any mechanical filtration on your pond or lake, then the bacteria will have a much more challenging job.

Bio Lake has been developed to give you all the advantages of our top selling pond product Multi Aqua. Bio Lake is supplied in the identical water-soluble sachets to provide you with an easy dose and easily apply the product, as Bio Lake is provided in larger sachets, it’s more economical, and you can use it to treat large volumes of water or heavily stocked koi carp ponds.

Bio Lake is best applied to the water each month as a maintenance dose, but if you are looking for a significant reduction quickly. Then it’s best to treat the water with a reduction dosing treatment over five days in the early spring as the water temperature rises.

Bio Lake can significantly improve the water quality by bio dredging the waste out of the water column. You will see a reduction in the growth of the blanket weed and duckweed as the superbugs outcompete them for food naturally. With the maintenance dose, your water will be kept in top shape. The levels of organic waste can be reduced quickly and efficiently, including dirty farm ponds.

If you consistently do nothing, organic waste will become a problem. Eventually, organic waste will lead to the silting up of pools, leading to rapid changes in water chemistry and large amounts of weed and adversely affecting the vital oxygen levels.

This is when mother nature steps in and removes any excess load in the water. In other words, fish will begin to die, which becomes a problem. Soon, you will no longer have a beautiful feature but one that is expiring and will, ultimately, no longer vibrant be and a living entity.

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