Raised Pond Gallery

Here is our raised pond gallery whcih is great if you have small children or you are looking for a very formal classic finish. You can have many types of finishes such as timber railway sleepers or timber deck in or deck boards. You can also have a stone edging or retaining wall that goes around. These can be made out of cut stone, re-constituted concrete, molded concrete or even bricks that match your house. We can get quite creative with the brick work and the bond we use with the brick work itself or even create something to match your garden walls.

We also do cast concrete walling which is basically where we form the walls and then pour concrete in there to create a smooth finish or a natural stone finish. You can also add plants and rock plants in those nooks and crannies to create a natural look between the stones.

Our goal is to fit your pond perfectly into your landscape, so if you have clean cut lines then we will do a clean cut pond. There are a number of benefits to having a raised pond including bringing the fish closer to you which gives you a better chance at hand feeding since you don’t seem as large to them. Raised ponds also allow for a place for you to sit and interact. It’s a great place to sit and read a book or feed the fish or just chill out.

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