Fall In Love With a GARDEN POND

Types of garden pond
Here are some types of garden pond.

Everything You Wanted to Know About GARDEN PONDS and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Considerations you need to be thinking about when creating a Garden Pond:

  • Pond Safety,
  • Costs of building and owning a pond,
  • what is the best Location for a garden pond,
  • great garden pond design that is not going to bite you in the future,
  • & More

So, you have finally come to terms with that lifelong dream of yours — that dream of improving your garden oasis. No garden is complete until it has a pond or water feature.

Garden Pond
Garden Pond

These are built within your custom designs and designed around your needs:

  • a place where you can sit with a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine,
  • a quiet place to relax on a warm sunny day within the safety of your own home.
Large Garden Pond
Large Garden Pond

If this is the case, you want your very own private garden pond!

But, there are a few things to consider first. To ensure that you get the most out of the construction of your garden pond. What you need to think about for long-term enjoyment.

Budget: What will a garden pond cost?

There is no way to avoid talking about the cost. What will it cost you to have your dreams brought to life? The first thing to consider is what your budget is for this passion product. At Any Pond Ltd, we offer various ways to customise your pond, and as a result, our prices will vary; however, our basic pond package starts as low as £1495. The best part about building a pond is that you can tell your pond contractor. What you’re willing to spend, and they, then, can give you options. Or at worst an estimate of the worst-case-scenario. We can accomplish for you based on what you want in your pond.

Don’t let the prospect of money scare you from achieving your dream of having your very own pond, though!

Think of it as an investment. What you put into your garden pond will save you money in the future since. For example, you have your source of entertainment and vacation right in your very back garden!

Design & Style: What is a garden pond?

Garden ponds can come in lots of different styles and designs. A garden pond is any pond in a garden, front or back, formal or informal, raised or in the ground. These garden ponds can include fish ponds, hybrid ponds, wildlife ponds, ecosystem ponds, and even concrete ponds

It is best to consider which one is a fit for you, that is also a fit for your budget.

For example, an ecosystem pond is nearly completely self-sustaining and requires much less maintenance. Which you might prefer if you want to enjoy your garden pond (hands-free). With this type of garden pond, you can put your feet up. Your pond builder will be able to design you a pond you can live with. Cleaning these garden ponds can be reduced down to once a season or even yearly. We want you to enjoy it, not maintain it. If you don’t want to that is. Ecosystem ponds also have a more natural look.

On the other hand, you may want a more modern. Formal design, such as ponds made from flat rock or even pavers, that may even be raised rather than digging into the ground. It is best to consider your pond style before proceeding with the beginnings of pond construction.

Safety: What do I need to consider after installing a garden pond?

There are a few things to consider safety before you start pond construction. If you are the type of person that is very green fingered. So wants to be able to grow lots of lovely plants in them. `You will need to get into your garden pond, such as if you decide on a garden pond for that purpose, you want to make sure that you can then get back out safely. For that, you don’t want to have a bare liner or a deep pool.

Adding gravel and rocks might be something that you want to consider in the safety of your pond, and they have to be stable because you don’t want to fall in!

Also, if you have small children, or there are small children often in the area where you plan on building your dream oasis, you might want to consider precautionary measures to make sure that there are no accidents by the pond. The safest way is to put playground fencing around the garden pond; however, you may also consider a raised stone border or lining the garden pond with flower beds, given that they know not to step on the flowers!

Moving water: Do I want the sound of running water in my garden?

This part is more straightforward do you want moving water. It is a simple yes or no question. You don’t need moving water but it might be a good idea.

Do you want there to be some noise around your garden. Moving water can create a lot of noise if needed or help you drift off with a little noise. Some people like peace and quiet so prefer a still pool. Would you rather it is stagnant but kept clean be underwater plants.

There are various ways to obtain running water. You could have natural-looking streams, a waterfall, or multiple waterfalls, or even bubbling fountains.

If you plan on putting fish in your garden pond. Moving water is an essential element you don’t want to skip in your considerations. Garden pond fish need at least some moving water for oxygen. Because they otherwise may not thrive as much as they could in your garden pond. But again, your pond will be built to your tastes (within reason); you could have as much moving water as your heart desires!

Size & Shape: What is the minimum size of a garden pond?

Like people, ponds can come in all different shapes and sizes. read more…

  • What size and shape pond you’re looking for, which may depend on the area of your garden you plan on construction happening.
  • You could have a pond as small as a patio pond 75cm around or 1.5m by 1m if you want pet fish year-round, a garden pond can be as big as you want, I know some people that don’t have much garden left when they are finished! Myself included!
  • Which shape geometric with a circular, square, or rectangular pond, or you could go the route of a more natural, asymmetrical garden pond that more or less mimics what would appear in nature.

Depth of a Garden Pond

Location: Where should I locate my garden pond?

Location is one of the most critical elements to consider when planning pond construction. While the actual site, or the area of the physical property you plan to have this dream oasis, is essential, it is also important to consider the pond’s location: do you want a raised pond, which requires no digging? A levelled garden pond? Do you have a slope on your property that you wish to incorporate a garden pond into?

You may also want to consider the area itself, such as the amount of sunlight and shade the garden pond would receive throughout the day. If you have fish, you may not want to put your pond in an area that has direct sunlight for the majority of the day, although added plants may assist in creating shade. You may also want to consider the location to determine where you would best enjoy it, such as by a patio, or in the front garden to add curb appeal to your home.

Materials: What are the best materials to use when building a garden pond?

An obviously part of pond construction is what you’re using for that construction! So, it is best to consider what exact materials you would want in your pond. For example, you need to determine how you wish your garden pond is tailormade or fabricated. You have multiple construction methods and different garden pond options. You might want concrete, sand, cement, or even timber. A large part of most ponds is the rock and gravel. Rock and gravel come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and even colours, so this part of your consideration might be more fun than you think!

Liner and Underlay:How do i keep water in my garden pond?

For most ponds, I recommend that, even in a concrete pond, you consider the installation of a rubber liner. Installing everything inside a rubber bag will help to protect your garden pond from leakage and any significant water loss down the road. In addition to that pond liner, which will vary in thickness (but will be cut to fit your pond perfectly). I also recommend that you also consider a proper pond underlay that lays beneath the liner to create a buffer between the ground and the rubber pond liner. The pond underlay helps protect against tearing. I also use the same material as an overlay in some

Electricity: Do i need power in my garden to have a garden pond?

In considering the electric part of your dream oasis, it will get a bit more technical, based upon what style of garden pond you choose, as well as the features you decide to add to it.

For example, you may want to consider adding armoured cables if you have features that require some amount of electricity to not only protect against the weather ​​ but also protect against accidents like running the lawn mower over them! If you choose to include a pump and filter, which is usually a part of an ecosystem pond, it will require electricity. You can also choose to have lighting installed to give your pond more hours of entertainment when the sun goes down. You may also want to consider a UV clarifier that will assist in keeping the water clear or a UV heater for the colder months. Overall, considering electricity is an essential part of​ garden pond construction.

Edging: What can I have around my garden pond?

Now that you’ve considered the bulk of what will compose your dream water garden oasis, it’s time to review the flourishes! The water garden begins with the edging of your pond. Naturally, you can choose to line the edge of your garden pond with rocks or paving stones. You may want to consider what you want out of your garden pond once more: do you want to be able to climb into the garden pond or drip your toes in on a hot day? You should then maybe consider flatter rocks or pavers that you could sit on along the pond edge.

Soft Landscape: Which Plants are the best for garden ponds?

Lastly, still in the realm of flourishes, you should consider what you want in and around your pond to make it pop as your unique piece of nature. The most important thing to think is what kind of plants you want! You could consider various types of oxygenators, lilies, floaters, marginals, and so on for in and around your pond.

In addition to the plants, you may want to consider the soil and growing media you use, especially if you have fish or other wildlife in your garden pond since some fertilisers and soils are pre-treated with chemicals that could cause harm to them. Sometimes, you may want containers for these plants as well, rather than planting them directly in the pond’s gravel or the area around the garden pond. This part of the ​consideration for pond construction is far more artistic and entirely open for you to decide what you want rather than having a restriction on​ what you need.

Don’t be afraid to build your dream oasis! While there are many things to consider, here at Any Pond Ltd. We strive to help you in any way we can in not only building it for you​ but also helping you along in the design process. If you are someone that isn’t entirely keen on the idea of having full control of​ the design of your pond, we also offer pond packages! We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Client after client has found that choosing one of our pond packages is a cost-effective, hassle-free service, versus a bespoke design that is otherwise not, especially on a small budget. Just select the pond package, the size and the shape, add any extras that you may require, and you are ready to go! Don’t waste another second: let’s get building!

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