Natural Pond Gallery

Does nature inspire you? Are you the type of person that loves to go on walks in the woods and walks on your holidays? Do you come across a magical pool and think, “I’d like that in my garden!”?

Then, a natural pond is for you.

Natural ponds are man-made attempts to create water features that look like they’ve been there a long time. They’re not the normal European style. They completely go against the grain.

One important element of natural ponds is the rocks. Depending on the budget, you can bring in massive boulders because where you’ve got natural water features in the wild or in the countryside, you have large, natural boulders.

However, you need to keep to the scale of your garden. So, it’s important to have a realistic balance between small, medium, and large stones, because you can’t make a natural pond with the same or similar size stones.

The variety of natural ponds is virtually endless as there are almost infinite combinations of rock, flora, and fauna. It all depends on what you want. You can have a micro natural pond on a really small level, so it’s almost like a bonsai pond or bonsai natural pool. You can have natural ponds in miniature, or on a great big scale, with towering, long waterfalls and streams, and lots of different big plants.

The main thing with natural ponds is basically, the rock placement. You’ve got to do it right so the pond doesn’t look like a pile of rocks.

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