Formal or Raised – Pond Package


This is the right package for you if you like the idea of a formal or raised fish pond. These ponds normally range in size starting from 2m by 2m to 6m by 6m with a price range starting from £5995. These ponds have lots of straight lines and are geometrical.  With finishes that are normally very clean and crisp.

They benefit from looking like sterile bodies of water, very much like a traditional swimming pool but you can still enjoy the beautiful range of sophisticated water plants and large colourful fish.  These features are symmetrical and you can have the benefit of a range of bright fanciful colours, synthetic artful objects.  These ponds have a different number of finishes and artistic designs.

If you like the idea of a water course and still want to carry on with the formal theme, you can have the filtered water return to the pond via one of our letter box water features.  These are made from a brushed stainless steal.  This feature will give you a clean blade of water that is not too noisy.

As always we have optional upgrades and lots of enhancements to reduce the amount of maintenance and add to the style of the pond like tall architectural plants that will soften a fence or high wall.

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