Natural Looking Water Feature Gallery

If you have a piece of ground and we can get power to move water to it, you can have a natural-looking water feature. Anywhere.

Natural-looking water features act as magnets. They are magical places to sit beside with a coffee, enjoying the ambiance of the water running down over the rocks. Wildlife will also be drawn to spend some time there.

You can have a twist. What about a stream or damp cave; stepping stones that link two ponds, extending an exciting invitation to walk across and explore. Maybe a group of great big water-worn rocks. Perhaps a bed of water that bubbles up out of the ground, like a natural water source that comes along in your garden, but is actually man-made.

It’s important to keep things a bit mysterious. Instead of seeing the whole of the feature from the bottom, have it invite you up to the top.

Natural-looking water features are basically disappearing water features. There is an underground reservoir. You might even stand on it without knowing what it is. The reservoir water recirculates down the water feature itself. For example, you could have an eight-foot stream that runs from a simple, small reservoir, up eight foot, and then down, and then meanders around, and then back into the reservoir, or it could eight meters, or eighty meters if you wanted to go that big.

It’s not just a case of putting a load of rock down and running water over the top of it. Creating natural-looking water features that look like they’ve been there for years is a true art form in itself.

To create the natural look, we incorporate a lot of organic elements such as timber and plants, especially a lot of moss.

We also use stones. There isn’t a great big variety of stones available for these natural-looking water features because some rock types are porous and some of them can break down over time. However, we’ve been doing it for long enough to know which rocks to use.

This water feature form is not for everybody as it takes a lot of time and skill. In fact, it can take several years to get the arrangement right.

We really enjoy creating these water features because this is where we come into our own. While pre-formed waterfalls or streams are easier to install, they are also quite limiting and harder to disguise. We’d love to talk with you about these natural-looking water features, get excited, share, and bounce around ideas.

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