Chances are, you’d like to create your pond, water feature, or wildlife friendly water garden once … and you’d like it to be everything you imagined.  Well here at Any Pond Limited we understands that.  Here is a little bit about us here at any pond.

About us.

Why do we love doing what we do?

We love simply love freshwater and everything at garden pond or water feature can offer. This is not a job, this is a lifestyle business, so here goes we are a small family business lead by Mark Wilson – The Pond Advisor (over 30 years experience building and maintaining ponds and water feature, home and abroad).

AreWe take pride in our serious commitment to each and every project.  Whether we are building, renovating, restoring, or servicing your pond, water feature, or wildlife friendly water garden, we always howildlife-friendlyof high quality, trust, and beautiful craftsmanship.

How long has Any Pond Limited been in business?

Established in back 2003, Any Pond Limited has become one of the leading pond and water garden design specialist companies here in the Midlands, UK.  Mark and his team travel to help out other pond contractors all over, we have worked and helped out in Europe, North America and Mexico.

How have we established such an excellent reputation?  We work with your vision.  Creating fantastic ponds and water features (beautifully balanced works of art).

  • As water gardener, we have a unique and extensive experience of aquatic horticulture including growing all of our own aquatic plants.  This is rare within the industry.  We supply only the very best and expertly tailored water plants.
  • Any Pond Limited offers a highly mobile one-to-one service which means we will be on hand if you have a major problem with water loss or fish health.  Rapid response and even emergency call-out is part of our service.

Yet it’s even more than that…


Any Pond Limited is passionate about ponds and water features. We LOVE every aspect of water gardening, including sharing our water gardening expertise over the web and face-to-face.  Both personally and professionally invested in your garden’s water feature installation.

What Makes Any Pond Different?

Any Pond Limited is a reliable, accredited pond contractor.

In other words, we are…

  • honest, skilled, and focused on satisfying you, the customer.
  • registered and certified in many areas and as required.
  • we do not expect you to pay in full until you are totally happy with the work.
  • covered with business liability insurance.
  • most noteworthy we are super diligent about making sure everything is documented.  All additional costs including unexpected extra work is agreed in writing (before work takes place).

At Any Pond Limited, we try our best to be respectful.

We are ‘in demand’ pond contractors. That means we are usually away from our phones or computers and in the water. However, we always return our phone calls and emails as quickly as possible. Can we be cheeky and say we are well worth the wait?!

We realize that your time is valuable. So, we always aim to arrive punctually to the project site. If unforeseen circumstances cause us to run late, we will give you a courtesy call to let you know the situation.

About our Staff

Mark and his team furnish the majority of the specialist garden pond work.  Including all of the unique pond construction and technical repair work.  His team consist of a number of polite and friendly individuals.  That love the water gardening lifestyle.  From the girls in the office to answer your phone calls, you will always deal with the friendly professional.

Yes we do have a number of seas

onal staff, to cope with general labour of the tasks.  As a result we always have a fully trained foreman on-site as your point of contact.  Therefore you deal with a skilled pond technician or a team leader only.

About our clients

Especially relevant is the type of customers that we serve.   Generally these days, people are looking for a low maintenance options like an eco system pond or disappearing water features.  Which is also very natural looking pond with no bare liner or ugly filter systems.  These clients have normally got a pond but due to the design its a lot of work.  Are you tried of cleaning you filter systems? Do you want an upgraded garden pond as your feature is starting to look tried.

In addition we get calls from people that have just moved home.  Have previously enjoyed owning a garden pond consequently wanting to carry on this fantastic hobby.

Furthermore these days we do not tenter have many koi carp enthusiasts looking for koi pool services.  As over the years there’s been a lot more information regarding keeping lots of koi carp.  These types of ponds and pools are really for the enthusiasts.  He or she wants to get their hands totally wet.

What is most noteworthy is that we are continually looking to provide better service. Therefore are keen to receive comments and feedback.

Why did Mark start the business.  Well you must have seen one or two of marks videos.  You can’t miss them if you have got this far.  As a result you might be interested and want to get to know mark a little better.  Well follow this link for more about Mark – The Pond Advisor

Finally you are warmly invited. To join our well-established client register of people who enjoy receiving our expert, specialized skills and service.

For more information about us try our Company Facebook Page

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