Container Garden Gallery

Fiberglass container water gardens are just the ticket if you’re looking for low maintenance gardens that pack a punch.

Container water gardens can be positioned anywhere. That means a gorgeous splash of colour wherever – near a front or back door, a patio or other seating area, or a walkway.

These gardens are versatile. You can have an array of different types of water plants in them such as water lilies, marginals, and floating water plants. Some containers are even suitable as housing for a couple of pet gold fish.
Looking for an activity with your children or grandchildren? Container water gardens are a D.I.Y. project that can basically be set up over the weekend.

Alternatively, you can have a professional come and install one within a couple of hours. We can really go to town and make it look like a miniature landscape, or we can just basically put it in, fill it full of water, and put the plants in there. Either way, we will make sure to choose the right plants for the right place.

Like the sound of trickling water? Small fountain pumps can be added to your container water garden for the sound and sight of moving water. Perhaps you might like your garden to contain little misters that create a nice atmosphere, sort of like a small, smoky effect.

There’s virtually no end to the creativity. For example, some of our clients wanted a reflection pool. So, we balanced the containers perfectly and dyed the water black.

The best thing is that there’s basically a container garden for everybody.


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