Basic Pond Package


If you want to add a touch of nature’s magic to your garden, our basic pond package is the perfect solution. Even a tiny pond measuring 1.5m by 1m can transform your garden into a thriving wildlife hotspot. Adding a gentle pump to mimic the sound of a stream, you’ll be amazed at how much more wildlife will visit your garden – up to four times more! A garden pond can genuinely bring your local ecosystem to life.

Does your local wildlife mind a basic pond package?

Attracting wildlife to your pond is not about its shape or size but rather its suitability as a comfortable habitat for the creatures. Through careful observation of our pond, we have gained valuable insights that enable us to design the perfect pond for your garden, whether you prefer a simple or more elaborate style. The animals that visit our pond are not picky about its shape or size as long as it provides a cosy home for them. We have devoted time to watching the visitors and can use our knowledge to create a pond that perfectly suits your needs.

During springtime, your pond will be bustling with activity. As the sun warms the water, frogs will lay their eggs, turning your pond into a nurturing haven for the next generation. Our basic pond package is a simple yet natural solution to establish a harmonious ecosystem. With serene waters, you can enjoy a peaceful setting, appreciate the reflections, and connect with the natural world. When spring arrives, your pond will be a hive of activity. As the water warms up, frogs will lay their eggs, and the pond will transform into a nursery for the next generation. Our basic pond package offers an easy and natural way to create a balanced ecosystem. With still water, it provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy the mirror-like reflections and feel at one with nature.

If you want to keep your pond clean, having a dense planting of vegetation is crucial. By covering more than half of the pond’s surface with plants, the natural filtering system will help maintain clear and pristine water. We carefully select plants that attract and support wildlife while also adding vibrant colours with stunning wildflowers, rushes, and grasses. Our basic pond package offers a perfect blend of tranquillity, natural beauty, and environmental benefits. Remember, the secret to a clear pond is heavy planting. With over half the surface covered in plants, your pond will stay clean and clear, thanks to nature’s filter system. Our carefully chosen plant selection adds a splash of colour with beautiful wildflowers, rushes, and grasses, all appealing to wildlife. With our basic pond package, you can enjoy peace, nature, and beauty.

What wildlife will you see?

A garden pond is a great way to attract a variety of creatures. You can expect to see an array of birds, insects such as butterflies and bees, and amphibians like frogs and newts making themselves at home. If you’re lucky, you may even catch sight of a hedgehog or a fox stopping by for a drink. If you live near a woodland area, it’s not uncommon to spot deer or badgers visiting your pond. Enjoy the diverse wildlife that a garden pond can bring!

Is there a primary garden pond to suit every garden in the UK?

We offer customizable pond packages that can fit any garden, regardless of size. The ideal location for your pond is in a sunny area. Although our ponds are suitable for all regions in the UK, they may require additional care to prevent freezing during colder weather. Rest assured, our pond packages are versatile and can be tailored to suit any garden’s needs. It is important to note that colder temperatures may require extra attention to prevent the pond from freezing.

In the UK, bear in mind that when it’s colder, they might need extra care to stop them freezing over. But don’t worry, and we can guide you through this.

So, with our basic pond package, your garden can be the perfect hub for local wildlife. No matter the size or shape of your garden, there’s a pond solution just for you. Embrace the natural magic, and enjoy the bustling activity, peace and beauty a garden pond brings. Remember, it’s not just about a splash of water. It’s about creating a home for local wildlife and balancing your garden ecosystem. Happy pond keeping!

How hard is it to look after a garden pond?

Not hard at all. Keeping the water clear is your primary job, which the plants can help with. You might need to fish out any leaves or twigs that fall in, but leave some for the insects. It’s all about balancing clean water and a home for wildlife. With just a bit of care, you can create a thriving environment that all the pond inhabitants will love.

Maintaining a healthy pond can be easier than you think. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that the water remains clear, which can be assisted by the plants. Removing any leaves or twigs that fall into the water may be necessary, but leaving some debris behind is essential as it provides shelter for insects. The goal is to balance clean water and a habitat that supports wildlife. It’s not as difficult as it may seem – keep the water clear and allow some debris to remain for the insects. The key is to create a healthy environment for all the pond’s inhabitants.

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