Basic Pond Package


This is the right package for you if you simply want some water in your garden for the local wildlife to enjoy. These ponds can be very small in size starting from 1.5m by 1m with a price starting as low as £1995. Not many people know but having a small body of still fresh water in the garden will double the amount of wildlife, but by adding a small feature pump that gives the sound of running water you will double it again. So you can have in fact four times the amount of wildlife if you did not.have any water at all.

These ponds are very basic and can be any shape or size you like as the local wildlife does not mind. All they are looking for is a nice habitat to live in or around. What the pond looks like does not matter one little bit. But over the years we have deeply studied many of the creatures that will visit a pond, so we are able to now create a basic pond or one that is highly sort after.

This type of pond package will be teaming with life as soon as the shallow water warms up in the spring, as frogspawn in the garden is one of the first signs spring is on its way. The basic bog pond package does not need any power as they are very simple with no pond equipment, you are working with nature for a natural balance. With these basic ponds you do not have any moving water so you can enjoy all the reflections and the peacefulness of the still water, be at one with nature, sit, calm down, relax and unwind.

These ponds are filtered naturally as they are heavily planted over half of the surface of the pond will be covered. The planting scheme includes mainly wildlife loving water plants so you benefit from enjoying the native wild flowers, rushes and grasses.

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