Whimsical Water Feature Gallery

Whimsical Water Features are basically ‘anything goes’. We mean it. This is where your creative minds come into play without holding back. Chances are, if you can think of a Whimsical Water Feature, we can create it.

Here are some examples…

  • Water coming out of a computer monitor or phone
  • A continuously-running tap on the side of a building so it looks like the water’s coming out of the wall (You ask kids to turn the tap off and of course, as it’s a water feature, they can’t.)
  • pianos with water coming out of the keys
  • Water coming out of champagne or Coca Cola bottles (You can have the water injected with air so it looks like the water is foaming or fizzing.)
  • A car in the middle of a pond (which is actually half a car in the pond) that looks like the car’s crushed into the pond.

Serious, majestic, comical, in any way, shape or form. Clear water, coloured water – it’s your choice.

Start thinking what you want, give us a call, send us a picture of something that you might want to turn into a water feature.

We’ve done a lot of water features and know that sometimes they can be a bit crazy. No problem. Just let us know about any budget considerations because we can create a Water Feature out of pretty much anything.

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