How to Increase Your Pond Fish Health

Any Pond offer a range of fish health services in the midlands UK. These visits are designed to minimise the stress on your fish.

Even in the best maintained ponds, fish health emergencies can occur from time to time. From stress-induced ailments to fish parasites and diseases, Any Pond Limited is able to offer timely advice and treatments.

For the most part, good pond fish health is very closely linked to maintaining high water quality through regular maintenance but occasional problems can still occur. To combat this, Any Pond offers a range of fish health services designed to minimise the stress on your fish.

Advice and emergency fish health visits are always available from Any Pond because pond fish health issues can crop up at any time. A site visit is normally required to obtain a diagnosis and to check the water quality. Normally, water quality issues can be addressed in a number of ways and improvements can often be seen very quickly.

For other ailments, the least invasive treatment for the pond fish and the pond can be recommended, this will bring your fish pond back into peak health as quickly as possible.

I need to reduce the amount of fish in my pond as I can not cope with the amount of maintenance any more.

We can rescue your koi and find good homes for them. Situations can change: koi outgrow their home, you are moving and cannot take them along, you are closing down your pond or you simply have been blessed with far too many offspring.

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