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10 Warning Signs That Your Pond Needs a Clean!

1 – Pond Waste

Do you have a pond and are in question as to whether or not it needs to be cleaned out or not? Do not worry; you are not alone.  Many new owners of ponds are not aware of the warning signs of when a pond needs to be cleaned out.  Today I am going to give you the 10 most common warning signs that you should be on the lookout, so you will know when your pond is in need of a good cleaning.

Pond Waste
Pond Waste

You find out when it rains or you have a big wind storm, and you see all those leaves at the top of your pond, and you think to yourself, you probably should get those off of the upper part of the pond?

Well, those leaves and other windblown debris makes its way down to the bottom of the pond if you do not own a pond skimmer, eventually, this debris will start releasing gases which cause harmful bacteria to grow and will then cause other issues with your pond water.

2 – A Smelly Pond

Smelly Pond
Do you need one of our pond cleaning services, as your pond is smelly?

Does your pond smell like horrible nasty, socks or rotten eggs?  If this is the case, your pond or parts of your garden pond may have turned anaerobic and it will be unbalanced so will need some good pond maintenance or pond cleaning done.

You may be saying to yourself, but I take care of my pond.  Let me tell you how your pond starts to smell so bad you do not want to be around it anymore.  It is from the pond waste I mentioned above.  Those gases that are being released due to the debris cause your pond to have a smell to it that you just absolutely cannot stand.

3 – Proper Filtration

Proper Filtration
That’s not good enough, your pond pump is too small!

Finding the right size pump for your pond can be a real issue when you first begin.  However, finding the proper filtration is crucial to keeping your pond clean.  Most times people get the wrong size pump and then a few months or years down the road they have to clean out their pond, and they do not understand why.  Then they have it cleaned out and find out that the filtration system was much too small for the size of their pond.  Do it right the first time and keep your pond clean.

4 – Algae Outbreaks

pond cleaning services
Do you have an algae outbreak on your garden pond?

There are many reasons as to why your pond might have an algae outbreak. There could be too many fish in the pond; it could be due to heavy rain, you could be overfeeding your fish, there could be poor water circulation or your pump could be turned off. However, the biggest issue generally lies in not having the proper eco-system. Hence, when you are starting your pond, you should ask yourself if your pond has enough plants and the right plants to have a thriving pond.

5 – Cloudy Water

how to clean a fish pond with algae
How to clean a fish pond with algae – Is your pond water Cloudy?

When your pond is so cloudy that you are unable to see your fish, then you should know it is time to clean out your pond. Cloudy water can be caused by the overfeeding, the algae breakout; it could be caused by not having the proper filtration system. Whatever the cause your pond will still need a good cleaning before it can be fixed. You did not get a pond to look at murky, nasty water you got the pond so you could see your beautiful fish.

6 – Floating Scum or Foam

surface pond scum
Do you have floating pond scum on the top of your garden pond?

What does it mean when you see floating scum or foam floating on the top of your pond? Well, this means that you are overfeeding your fish which as you have already read can cause some major issues with your pond. You do not want that food just sitting there stagnant, be sure to feed your fish properly or you will soon see the floating scum or foam at the top of your pond.

7 – Un-Healthy Fish

Pond Cleaning due to pond fish
Do you have any unhealthy pond fish?

Can you see your fish swimming at the top of the pond? This means that your fish are living in an unhealthy environment for themselves which in turn is making them sick and possibly causing them to die. How can this be you ask?

When fish start coming to the top, or they start dying off that means they have a lack of oxygen, too much muck, or they are having trouble moving freely at the bottom. This can not only cause issues for your fish but for your entire pond life meaning it will eventually cause your plants to die off as well.

Koi Pond Maintenance Services
Koi Pond Maintenance

Pond Cleaning

These days, most people who have big gardens or quite a lot of space are building ponds to give a more earthy feeling to their homes. However, natural garden ponds need special care for which homeowners need qualified pond cleaning services. Ecosystem Ponds are not just a hole, of which nature takes care itself; they need cleaning now and then so that they are a refreshing sight to watch for people.

No chemicals used in or around ecosystem ponds like the swimming pools, and they need a considerable amount of time to obtain balance and harmony. One of the famous quotes by Benjamin Franklin is that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, which can be applied when taking care of backyard ponds – treat the garden ponds early before the algae growing in it becomes out of control. Therefore, the right way to deal with garden ponds is by acquiring pond cleaning services or getting your hands wet weekly or twice every month. Regular attention will ensure that the garden pond is clean and does not require any expensive reconstruction work or significant work in the future.

Pond cleaning services is still a new type of service for a lot of people. It is similar to aquarium cleaning services and may not be available in every nook and corner of the UK.  Most companies that provide pond cleaning services are more commonly found in or based around the metropolitan areas than setting up in the quieter rural areas.  When calling a pond cleaning contractor, garden pond owners should call the service companies that are well-trained, certified, and have many years of experience in handling ecosystem ponds. While finding a reputable pond cleaning service, people should ensure that the cleaners have a more comprehensive education regarding ecosystem and nitrogen cycle. An educated pond technician will help the owners to attain the best results concerning their ecosystem pond.  

Another consideration that pond owners must make while choosing pond cleaning services is that their staff should provide flexible plans for your pond cleaning needs and pond cleaning emergencies. Different homeowners face different needs as per their time constraints, location, the size and shape of the pond, different numbers of pond inhabitants, the owner’s lifestyle, interests and hobbies.  

In addition to that, the pond cleaning service that people need to choose must provide services on their doorstep so that concerned individuals can ask queries to them. Most UK garden centres or nurseries might not pay heed or show much concern to pond owners’ problems and give wrong or expired chemicals that would not be able to provide desired results. A credible pond cleaning service company will help people have access to fresh and authentic products that will give them great results.

Pond cleaning services will not only keep ecosystem ponds clean, but it also helps people in maintaining a refreshing and beautiful garden pond.  A lovely backyard landscape is what most homeowners desire to have so that they can spend time in it, breath in fresh air and release their stresses coming from a daily routine.  These back garden paradises will become a perfect spot for some quality family time and or alfresco dining.  

Lastly, a great pond cleaning service will help you pursue your hobby or lifestyle without any hesitation for as long as you like.  

10 Warning Signs – That Your Pond Needs a Clean!


8.  Green Water

floating pond algae Do you have green water, that looks like pea soup?

This green water is caused by single-cell creatures called algae, your best friend for a pond right?  Just kidding! On a more serious note, though, when your pond algae hit an all-time high, your pond might start looking like pea soup. While these algae are harmless to the fish, it does not look too inviting to other people or even to you.  Removing and preventing single-celled algae is part of natural pond maintenance.

9.  Brown and Lifeless

brown-pond-scum Brown Pond Scum

Most of the time the brown water is caused by an increase in bad weather and your pond will clear up in the next few days or so. However, other things do create brown water in your pond. This brown water will not go away in a few days and generally will stick around until you clear it up. So, what causes this brown water?

Two things can cause your pond water to turn brown and essentially to cause it to be lifeless. Since goldfish and carp feed on the top, it can often make your pond look muddy when their numbers are high. This is why it is crucial to keep your fish population down in your pond. Soil erosion is another significant cause of your water turning brown. This can come from the ground along the banks eroding away and as this erodes it dissolves making your water look as though it is muddy.

10.  Tea Coloured Water

Pond Cleaning - Un-Healthy Fish Do you have tea coloured pond water?

Tannis are a class of polyphenolic molecules. What does this mean? Well, do not worry about that right now. Tannis comes from plants breaking down in some way. This is what causes the tea and bitter look of your pond.

 Quick Answers to some of the 

Warning Signs that your pond needs a clean

Smelly pond – things are out of balance

Proper filtration – Do you have the right size pump

Pond Waste – Lots of waste on the bottom of the pond – Clear the debris

Algae outbreaks – Not enough pond plants been using pond chemicals? – Correct the balance of water plants to stave the algae of food, do not use any chemicals as this will only add to the problem as the chemicals will not remove or digest the pond waste that the dead algae will feed on.

Cloudy water – Do not over-feed your fish, make sure you are feed a good quality pond pellet or stick, lots of flake foods will cloud the water, as its very easy to overfeed.

Floating scum or foam – Do you have lots of uneaten fish food floating around or foam.  if so stop feeding the fish as most of the protein is passing through the fish.

Un-healthy fish – Dead fish or sick pond fish, are your fish flashing or sucking air at the surface, if so you may have lots of pond waste on the bottom of the pond removing the oxygen from the water.  Cleaning fish pond water or clearing dirty pond water can be hard work if you let the waste build up in your pond!

All ponds, at some time or another, need some form of pond cleaning.  Let us do the dirty work for you.

Here is a list of the pond cleaning service we provide.

Service calls for all your quick pond cleaning needs,

Full drain and clean services,

Pond repair services,

Draining pond water services,

Garden pond vacuuming service,

Removing sludge from the base of the pond,

Wildlife pond silt management,

Silt sampling,

Unblocking bottom drains on Koi Pool,

Fishpond leaf removal,

Lake muck removal, wet dredging,

Pond and Water plant husbandry,

Pond filter cleaning and servicing,

Algae removal and control,

Blanketweed removal,

Skim off surface debris and duckweed removal,

Farm Pond Maintenance,

and of course, Pond Advise.

Keep your pond clean so its attractive and all its residents are kept nice and healthy.


Things You’ll Need if you are going to have a go at tidying up your own pond.

  • Fishing net & a surface skimming net
  • Buckets, brushes & wheelbarrow
  • A holding tank or kids paddling pool with cover
  • Water/Garden hosepipe with a sprayer.
  • De-chlorinating tap water if needed!
  • Pond Pump
  • Pipework
  • Pond Vac

If you want more information on cleaning pond water then watch a couple of Mark’s pond cleaning videos.

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