How important is a contractor’s reference list? We believe it’s the true litmas test for such important contractor traits as integrity, quality workmanship, and value. Is it possible to make every single customer happy?

After 12 years and over 300 construction projects we’d have to say….probably not. But we still think it’s worth a shot! Don’t just take our word for it, check out these reviews.

“True artists
You are a great team an know your stuff. I now realize how much effort you guys put into your creations. I thought building a nice water garden would be just a case of simply adding water and plants. But how wrong was I, Mark you make it look easy, I watched you teaching one of your guys the importance of all the elements that need to come together as you say its art in the best living form. I now understand the level of training you have put into not only yourself but everyone around you. It is just like you would not say adding ink or paint on some paper is a drawing or painting, it needs to have meaning or a purpose. Your passion for water gardening is infectious.”
– Sue Turner, Oxfordshire

I can’t believe how quickly you stop the pond from dropping. It must be your magic wellies!”
– Martin Raybold, Northampton

“The sound of the waterfall
Wow, doesn’t that waterfall sound amazing. The last so called waterfall we had, just made me want to go to the loo all the time. I have no idea why this was until mark explained to me, it’s the power of suggestion. But now our waterfall sounds so nice and natural.”
– Norma, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire

“Mark knew I was concerned about the noise level of the Waterfall.
All I can say is you are a genius…. I won’t call it noise, it’s actually music!! It’s so dynamic what you have created and the range of tunes going on is like a full orchestra!! We are dancing with joy over here!!!”
-Tony Fong, Daventry,  Northamptonshire

“The level of artistry and attention to detail.
You are highly skilled natural aquatic artists that love what you do. Not sure how you do it, you and your team can put your creative hands, into your water gardening pockets and pull out a beautiful water garden, from very little in the way of materials.”
– Tim Price, Banbury, Oxon

“How simple the process was.
When any pond started it just looked to me like a pile of gadgets, rocks and a few plants. OMG how they make it look so easy but its not, I soon realised and now understand its a lifetime of studying and fine tuning what works and what doesn’t.”
– Bill Hunt Buckinghamshire

“I now don’t need to look any further.
Any Pond is now my place for everything pondy. I know you will give me all the answer’s to my questions, honesty is the best policy.  I have spent way too much money with time wasters, i had not realised how difficult it was finding a reputable pond company. I have already recommended you to the Neighbour.”
– Fred, Irchester, Northamptonshire

“The level of care and attention.
I think the any pond team love’s the creepy crawly’s more than me. The care and attention for the aquatic wildlife was our main concern.  As in the past we have had some cow boys work for us. But I wanted to say we have had no problems at all. In fact the Any Pond Team were so professional and caring. Mark even set up a number of containers for all the different living things, as he did not want a war zone. I did not know there was so many different things living under the surface. You learn something new everyday.”
– John Armstrong, Coventry

“Your super tidy, I thought I was going to have to clear up  something after you had finished.
Would I recommend you, simply YES. I came home and my wife was smiling, that was the main thing. I went outside and was like WOW. What a difference.
Mark and his team work fast. Now the pond and garden is spotless, better than when you started, highly rated service, thank you, also the water has never been this clear before.  Long may it continue.”
– Sam Cowen, Gayton, Warwickshire,

“The level of service, going the extra mile with great advice and simple suggestions.
Wow that looks amazing, I can’t believe how big the pond is now! Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you and to let you know I have taken your advice and hopefully I will stop the duckweed from coming back. I just have written are quick verse for you as I like my poetry.”

My Contraption

I have made myself
a prototype contraption
to get the duck weed
off the pond
like you told me to

using a fine kitchen sieve
attached to a cane
and lined with a pair of tights
old ones, not new!

I tried it out this afternoon
in the pouring rain
determined to see
if my contraption would
do the trick

and to make sure
the horrible duck weed
to the tights
would definitely stick

Well it worked so well that
I will make a
fully fledged version
and I will be out there
religiously every day

then I will be able to see
the frogs in the pond
and hopefully keep
the duck weed at bay!

Janet Brown
Milton Keynes
September 2015

“I have just had the best experience ever.
I cannot recommend Mark and his Any Pond Team highly enough. After 3 months with dealing with another pond repair company, I was so frustrated with the level of service.  All I wanted was my pond fix. I wanted someone to show up when we contracted them to show up, and do the work. With the first company I contacted, I was given potential ” lucky” days that my job would be done. So I started waiting, then I waited and waited for my “lucky” day, I constantly contacted them each week with friendly reminders.

I was stupid as all I would get from them was may be next week. So in the end I had to cancel the first company. I contacted Any Pond I explained the situation and sent over the photos. Yes we had to wait for a site visit as it was the hight of the season but Mark walked us through a couple of steps over the phone.  He helped solved the problem over the phone by just asking a couple of questions.

Contacting them was the best decision ever.  Not only did they solve our main problem quickly and put our minds at ease regarding the pond fish. When they did start the reconstruction they created the pond of our dreams. Long story short, as a consumer you should not have to wait for a “lucky” day. The Any Pond Team did what they could straight away and then they exceed all our expectations”
– George Farmer, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

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