Formal Pond Gallery

Symmetrical with clean, crisp lines and edges in the European style. Welcome to the formal pond gallery.

Formal ponds come in a variety of traditional (rectangular, square, circular) and non-traditional (irregular) shapes. They usual have some type of formal edging whether it’s decked edging, sown edging, slabs cut from natural stone, crushed composite stones, or concrete slabs.

As we don’t put any chemicals in these pools, they do best with a sterile approach. Just two or three species of simple plants that make big, bold statements. Perhaps a few koi swimming around.

Formal ponds lend themselves for use as reflective features. Since they are still bodies of water, these ponds can mirror houses or lovely trees. In the past, we’ve dyed the water in some of these formal pools to stop algae growth and other pond issues.

Yet, formal ponds are flexible. We’ve incorporated fountains or figurines. We’ve designed paths and walkways across, like stepping stones.

Formal ponds can even go hybrid. For example, a formal koi pool with a hybrid wetland food filtration system. You can also have a formal pool with an irregular stream running into it.

Formal ponds are very much a personal journey. At the end of the day, your pond can be tailor-made to your liking.








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