Maintenance Memberships

Professional Koi and Fish Pond Maintenance Services in the Midlands UK
Serving Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
(These maintenance memberships are for those with ponds up to 6m by 4m. If your pond is larger or you have multiple features please contact us.)

Are you the type of person that doesn’t want to worry about the fish and wants a complete maintenance free pond?

Would you like the peace of mind knowing that a professional is taking care of your fish, if you have any concerns at any time we are on hand to help you.  We can take care of everything, we can even set up automatic fish feeder’s for those clients that travel a lot. With our annual membership you can truly sit back and relax and enjoy the water gardening lifestyle to its fullest potential.

Annual fish pond membership pricing all depends on the level of service you select.  Prices are based on the size of your fish pond.

Annual membership starts at

  • £960 (including VAT) for a small goldfish ponds.
  • £1330 (including VAT) for a medium fish ponds.
  • £1710 (including VAT) for a large fish ponds.

Basic Pond Membership Services for each pond includes:

  • The VIP (very important pond) treatment,
  • Years supply of maintenance products, treatments to stop any algae issues,
  • Four visits a year, Spring Start-up, Mid-Summer Filter service, Autumn Pond Netting and Winter health check visit.

Premier Pond Membership Services for each pond includes:

  • Emergency call outs and pond support.
  • Years supply of maintenance products, treatments to stop any algae issues,
  • Monthly visits with the add bonus of 10% off any other purchases.

Please fill out the form below to find out more about our maintenance memberships.

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    Small Pond 6'x4'Medium Pond 6'x8'Small Koi Pond 3m x 3mlarge Koi Pond over 3m x 3mWater Feature

    Spring Maintenance Service:
    Service CallFull Drain & CleanWater Feature Service Call

    Maintenance Visits:
    Monthly Maintenance VisitsSeasonal Maintenance VisitsNo Thanks

    Autumn Maintenance Services:
    Pond NettingService CallWater Feature Winter Prep

    Water Treatments:
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