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Pond Design – Planning

WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO SITE A POND? When thinking about pond design and deciding on the best area in your garden to site your new pond is a critical step in the design process that may well ultimately influence other aspects of your garden pond design.  Some factors that must and need to

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What are the best pond shapes

Chances are you have found this webpage because you’re looking for some information on the different Pond Shapes (best pond shape, natural pond shapes, garden pond shapes, fish pond shapes,) or the best size for a garden pond. What are the best pond shapes? What garden pond shapes are their? We get these types of questions

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How to Add an Oriental Touch to Your Northampton Pond Design

Japanese and oriental style gardens are characterised by having a deceptively simple design. Every element in the garden has meaning and is laid out with precision, be this swirling gravel, water, the placement of a cherry tree or clump of bamboo. All of the elements, be they structural, water, or floral need to work in

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Informal Pool with Waterfalls and Rocks

Waterfalls add a very dynamic and structural focal point to any pool, but are particularly suited to the informal pool where they can blend into the overall design seamlessly. Sitting and shape of the pool and waterfall are very important considerations. Ideally, you do not want the waterfall to look good just when it is

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Informal Fish Pond Design

An informal fish pond design can allow you to create a very lush garden pond. Plus you will benefit from a semi-natural looking environment for your wildlife or fish. Which creates an aesthetically backdrop for your garden. You need to have quite a large amount of space for even a modest-sized garden pond for fish.

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Introduction to Pond Design in Northamptonshire

Water in a garden is a very exciting and interesting thing to have in any outdoor space. Water will fit into any scenario – although I would say that as I love to promote the benefits of water in the garden. Water can add a level of tranquility to the garden, giving a stillness and

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Small Space Pond Design and Water Feature Design

More and more of us are living in cities where outdoor space is very limited, yet this need not be a block on having a water feature. Even if you only have a small patio, or small nook in the garden there is no reason why you cannot incorporate a patio bowl, a small barrel

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Rocks and Gravel Substrate Pond Design

There is always and continued debate between pond contractors about whether rocks and gravel in a pond is a good idea or not. I personally think a lot depends upon whether you are planning on building a pond or a pool. If you are building a pond then you are going to have plants in

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Reflections Pond Design

When looking for a body of water to reflect you need to have a very still surface. It needs to be like glass or a mirror and the water needs to be as dark as possible to give the maximum amount of reflection. There are commercially available dyes which allow you to change the colour

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Naturalistic Pond Design

Ponds and streams that look natural are extremely difficult to create. Imitating nature is a true art form that can be mastered by only a few. The most natural-looking water features blend together, as professional pond designers we use a number of elements to give the overall natural effect. The stone work has to be

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