Northampton Stream and Waterfall Builders

Here is a Waterfall/Stream Water feature we have built.

If you are based in the Midlands.  We have a good pond and water feature design consultation which will help you when thinking about have us do any pond building work or if you need help investigating water loss.


After our telephone consultation we come out to draw you the picture we have for the given price range. During the waterfall design consultation, we mark out the size of the rocks in yellow and the water in blue, so give you an idea of what the feature will look like in your garden. Even if its a couple of water features for patios.


As your local pond building contractors, we hate grass (can you tell by looking at this before picture).  The level of maintenance of a garden lawn is very high.  With the right design your water feature can be far less maintenance than another area of your landscaped garden.  Looking for a outdoor water feature or water features for garden?


The any pond building team enjoying a quick break during the building stage of this lovely waterfall.  Some of these stones are 200kg and lifted in to place with a machine.


Do you love your job? We do can you tell or do you just think are we just simply crazy. Are you looking for Northamptonshire Pond Services?

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