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Pond Maintenance Company - Garden Pond Specialists

Pond Maintenance Company – Garden Pond Specialists

Regular pond maintenance is essential to keep your pond not only looking its best, but to avoid any longer term pitfalls along the way. Being in the garden, and perhaps ‘out of mind’ during the Winter months, regular maintenance can often be over-looked and this can lead to a slow build up of chronic problems. A regular maintenance contract not only keeps your pond and its inhabitants in tip-top condition, but also gives peace of mind by spotting and treating potential problems early.

Seasonal Pond Servicing and Pond Maintenance contracts offer the following benefits:

1.       First of all, regular pond maintenance, we are always removing detritus and keeping filters in top condition.

2.       Seasonal visits to give that extra sparkle during the summer months, as well as the essential visits at other times of the year.

3.       Seasonal administering of pond products to control blanket weed, keep water sparking and to keep fish in top condition.

4.       Regular inspection of fish health and not forgetting the other aquatic wildlife, especially relevant is the knowledge of the right diagnosis and treatment of potential problems.

5.       A winter pond tidy-up to stop fallen leaves entering the pond. Therefore our winter visit reduce the pond waste as the main focus is aimed at the pond muck and its removal. The debris is easy to spot in the cooler months and pond is less active.

6.       Seasonal inspection and maintenance of pond pumps, electrics, filters and Ultraviolet filters, to keep them working in top condition and reduce the chances of expensive repair bills.

7.       Diagnosis and reports back on any recommend repairs or upgrades, with temporary replacement cover available when required.

8.       Husbandry of pond plants and management where required.

Our Seasonal Pond Maintenance Service

Thank you for reading this far down the pond maintenance page.  Any Pond Limited is now happy to offer you another pond maintenance services (seasonal visits).

This seasonal service runs every three months with the seasons.

Consequently your pond technician will:

  • Clean skimmers out (proper pond skimmers help no end, probably the best way to save maintenance time), if you don’t have one, we can use our lighting fast ninja pond cleaning net to remove visible items from the surface of your pond.
  • Check and adjust the pond water levels (while you keep on top of this in hot weather).
  • Clean the mechanical filtration media like a pond skimmer filter mat.
  • Remove pond debris, the use of pond vacuums is available. So we can be very efficient on small pond cleaning visit or clearing and draining large filters.
  • Check the out put on the pond pump for proper water flow, pump servicing with safe cleaning products and fish safe chemicals.
  • Treat the pond with our own Beneficial Bacteria – Multi Aqua
  • Seasonal pruning of dead aquatic plants and lilies, including on the autumn visit bulk cut back of all marginal pond plants (apart from the evergreens), deepwater aquatics and lilies
  • Winter Pond Maintenance – Keep the water features running all winter, ensure that there is a hole in the ice for adequate oxygen for optimum health of fish, install bubbler, heaters, or aerators as needed
  • Recommend Pond Upgrades & Enhancements
  • Report and issues

The cost of the pond maintenance depends on the size of your pond.

You might be asking how much does it cost for us to take over maintaining your pond or water features each season.  This depends on your location and the size of your pond, we would ideally need a picture of your pond or water feature, please contact us today. As you might need our Koi Pond Maintenance Service or

Your Payment Choices Our Easy:  

  • You can be billed after each visit (most popular choice),
  • Once a season (spring, summer, autumn and winter),
  • Prepay for the entire year in the spring (and save 10%!!),

Seasonal Pond Maintenance Service Exclusions –

The following products & services are not included in the Seasonal Maintenance Visits, but can be contracted thru your friendly and of course local pond cleaning services company, Any Pond Limited.

  • Pond Supplies.  Any pond supplies or equipment, pond care products or other treatments. Pond dye for algae control (other than our Beneficial Bacteria – Multi Aqua) other items that are needed will be billed as extra items.
  • Full Drain and Cleans.  Our pond cleaning services – As this service might not always be needed. This service includes draining of pond or water feature. Safe removal and cleaning of pond muck.  Keeping of your lovely fish or aquatic wildlife safe at all times. The only service that lets us remove all the nasty pond waste out of the pond. We even wash down all the sides of the pond (including any rock and boulders). After the drain and clean has taken place we refill the pond with filtered water. Adding the good pond chemicals to de-chlorinate the raw tap water.  Then introduce the fish and/or aquatic wildlife back into the pond.
  • Pond Repair Services, this can probably avoid major work.  Because we will keep you up to date with the health of your pond at the end of each service call.
  • The Autumn Pond Netting Service.  Includes full pond netting service and a returning visits for the removal of the pond net.


Keep that healthy balance of aquatic plants is an integral part of pond ownership.  Small pond maintenance is a must for many garden pond owners.  Not only do plant help with natural pond maintenance that can really create a head-turning water feature in your garden.  Here at Any Pond we have an unrivalled understanding of aquatic plant husbandry. Planting to get the very best from your pond and surrounding landscape.

From the planning stages of your new pond. We can offer advice and planting of the best plant species. To introduce and the quantities required to establish your pond quickly. For those developing a natural pond system, we can advise on oxygenating plants and introduction at the correct levels to give a balanced environment.

Consequently all aquatic plants will benefit from some maintenance and control. Such as correct planting and installation, to regular maintenance, Any Pond will keep your pond plants balanced, detailed and thriving.  Furthermore invasive plants can be a problem in some ponds. Particularly if they have not been correctly set-up in the first place.  Offering physical and chemical control of invasive plants (such as blanket weed). We also offer advice on how to reduce the nutrient levels that promote unwanted plant growth. Hence its all part of the service.  Any Pond Limited also specialise in farm pond maintenance.  Therefore farm ponds owner can sit back and watch us tend to the needed control of the un wanted water plants. Especially relevant are all the pond and water lilies in larger natural ponds.

Whats best for you?

In conclusion a pond maintenance contract really is the best way forward. In addition this contract will ensure that your treasured pond really does receive the very best care possible.  VIP pond services with the minimum of time and expense.  It really is peace of mind for the pond owner.

For more information on the topic of pond maintenance. Including pond maintenance 101 and other pond advice. Follow “The Pond Adviser” Mark our MD is on social media @thepondadviser, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

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    I’m looking at pond maintenance service for my mum’s pond. She is in leamington. How much does your package cost?

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    I live in northampton and I have a 12ft by 6ft pond with koi and goldfish and it is in need of a good clean. Can you help and how much would it cost please

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    hi I want to rebuild my pond and like to known the price.

    I can give you size but maybe not perfect just to give you ruff idea.

    L 2.5 meter
    W 1.5 meter
    D 1 meter

    thank you

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      The cost of building a pond can change a lot,


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    Thank you for the great post

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