What Makes Any Pond Different?

Question: Why do some contractors leave you feeling bitter and disappointed, while others give you a great overall experience that exceeds your expectations?

Since 2003, we at Any Pond have asked ourselves that very question as we have sought to become one of the best pond companies in the UK. We think a large part of the answer is attitude. Specifically, being professionals who really care about their clients and take pride in their work.

Over the past 12 years and 300 pond installations, we have constantly worked to improve every aspect of our company in an attempt to give you the most fulfilling water garden experience possible.

Following are some examples of our distinguishing qualities, achievements, and methodologies that set us apart from any other pond company in the UK:

  • Silver medal at Chelsea 2014, Read about the build in pond trade magazine click here.
  • Eco System ponds and water features, raised formal timber ponds with the added benefit of surface skimmers and wetland filtration.

Our approach is simple. Rather than try to sell you a pond or water feature, we just ask questions about your lifestyle and what you want from a pond. We also ask for a picture of the area in which you are looking to have the pond or water feature installed. This helps us to individualize our recommendations.

We love our customers to share their Any Pond Limited experience

Here are a few so you can decide for yourself if we’re a company you’d like to work with.

2 responses to “What Makes Any Pond Different?”

  1. Caroline Cooke says:

    We had a pond dug early this year as part of a garden redesign. It was clay lined against our wishes and as we told the contractors the ground is very permeable and lno water was retained. We would like the pond to be developed as a focal point of the garden to attract wildlife with appropriate planting around it

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