The cost of digging a pond

The cost of digging a pond is a big subject — the cost changes due to a number of different things like pond types and styles of the garden pond you want.  On this webpage, Mark – The Pond Advisor will explain the cost of building a garden pond for you. Plus mark talks about the average cost to build a koi pond.

Here is also a video Mark made about the subject. How much does a pond cost?

How much does a garden pond cost?

One of the first questions we get here at Any Pond is: How much does a garden pond cost?  The quick answer to that is a very difficult question to answer. I do however hope to help you (to the best of my ability).  It’s easy if I explain some of the general pricing guidelines for garden ponds.

When buying a garden pond the price ranges can vary drastically.  There are so many options and styles to choose from much like buying a new vehicle or purchasing a new home.   If you think about buying both these items.  You have so many options and enhancements to consider.

However most people understand the importance of getting what they want when buys these items. So they don’t have any regrets.  Yes you can trade in a vehicle if you don’t like it, but with ponds and houses its much harder to quickly change if you don’t like it any more.

You’re going to see your garden pond every day for as long as you live in your home.  We want you to buy the best option for you and your lifestyle, this will in turn keep you the happiest in the long-run.

The average cost of landscaping a garden with a pond

Our average garden pond cost is around £5000 to £7000 as we build ponds of all shapes and sizes.  Their are so many variables however with not only our ponds to consider, you also have other options and prices if you’re thinking about doing it yourself. So the average pond cost to a DIY pond buildcost of digging a pond er is a lot less as they would be purchasing only the materials.

Deciding to create a new garden pond or water feature is an exhilarating time for any household.  But what is the average cost or the cost of digging a pond, well it depends on many factors like above — the different options and enhancements.

There are lots of places to find good landscaping ideas and some great information on basic pond construction.  But not many places to find out what custom things are priced at or the cost of digging a pond, as this always changes from garden to garden.

Many general landscapers and local builders will not be able to give you pond package prices or even price ranges on there websites.  Most should know how much they would charge you with a couple of pictures, but most say they need to work it out (interesting i wonder why that is).  But they obviously do not build enough of them each year, or they change the selling price on the spot, depending on the car you drive.

Do not over look any water feature design especially ponds as it can cost you a lot of more money in the long run.

All we want as home owners is a quick answer or guide prices so we can budget.  Without clients knowing a rough cost its very hard to budget.  A garden pond or water feature project should be simple.

After first understanding what you and your family want and need.  You should expect a guide price when you are ready.  Via a telephone call, email exchange, when ever you are ready to have that conversation.  The building and construction cost of a pond or water feature is simple and easy we can give you it all up front.  You should be able to be compared and buy a simple pond package or water feature from a web page.

The building and construction cost of any pond or water feature is simple and easy we can give you it all up front the cost of digging a pond (even if its a custom one of a kind water feature, everyone should work to a budget).  We believe you should be able to be compared and buy a simple pond package or water feature from a web page.

How much does it cost to build a pond in the UK
How much does it cost to build a pond in the UK

We are open and honest with pricing, all our display ponds and water features are priced individually because that’s the beauty of a water feature.  You can own I simple patio pond from as little as a couple of hundred pounds all the way up to 60k, 70k or £80,000 depending on your budget and space.

We believe you should know the cost to build a pond and other prices before we come out.  So everybody is on the same page and we a talking about the same picture.  This is designed to save you time, once you know which pond you would to own it simple.

But I am not sure what pond I would like yet?  Looking for ideas?  This is why we have a number of displays you can visit by appointment, just let us know you would like to view our work and we will put the kettle on.

Deciding on which type of feature to have is easy for most people.  Once that is chosen then the next step is. To choose the actual positioning of the new feature in the garden.  Deciding on both these is a very good achievement.  But then finding out the cost could be a brain racking experience, as most people have no idea of the cost, so they can quickly decide if it’s with in their budget on not.

There can also be so many different features on a pond that can make the prices to vary.  It is not necessarily always the size of the pond that changes the cost of the water feature.  But what goes into the construction process for either the aesthetic or functional purposes.

What affects the price of a pond building project.

The cost of having us build you a custom garden pond can vary greatly.  As it can depend on size, the shape, the grade change of the garden, access, moving waste around.

The size of the feature can change the price or the cost of digging a pond. It is self-explanatory as most people understand the more prominent the construction, the more significant the cost.  Garden pond sizes can range from a tiny wildlife pond up to large recreational ponds.

How the shape of the pond can change the price.  The shape of the pond can alter the time needed to construct the pond. Some shapes take a lot longer and require more skill to create.

The grade change on the garden can change the price of a garden pond. As this is down to the possibility of extra excavation work and the need for retaining walls.  It might be a case of having to dig down to the final water level before even excavating the pond. The grade change on the garden can also affect how much soil has to be removed from the garden.

The access to the construction site might affect the price due to again time (speed of building the pond) and also precautions around property damage.  Tight access limits the size of the machinery and the size of rock we can use.  We face this problem quite often in the Midlands UK.

The distance from the pond building site and a driveway or a road can increase the price, especially when we are taking waste away. As everything needs to be protected to minimise garden and property damage.

Keeping a tidy site when we have a long distance between the new pond excavation site and where the soil has to go, like skips, or other areas in the garden.  Moving machines around can make more mess than needed.

Even walking across grass a number of times will wear the grass thin.  As we need to move around with wheelbarrows full of soil, gravel, rocks and other pond building equipment.

These things all add time to the project.  So the most cost affective pond builds are in the front garden (no access issues) with good digging conditions.  The area is nice and level with enough room for us to build up banking to allow us to get creative lovely waterfall back drop.

How much does it cost to build a small pond.

Sometimes a smaller pond will actually cost the same as a bigger pond would without the options.  Plus sometimes smaller garden pond installations can be more like building a ship in a bottle.  As it can take the same amount of time to build as a normal ship would have.  We have had a couple of cases when they cost even more money per square meter.

Generally most people want a much higher attention to detail on smaller water features.  If I can give you the example of a bonsai tree.  As you would expect they tend to cost more money.  Than the same age of tree that is even larger that the bonsai.  This is due to the time that is spent caring and shaping the lovely bonsai trees.

Some examples of pond quote request I get, like the average cost to build a koi pond 

I really do need a rough idea of the cost to build a pond in my back garden.  I don’t have limitless funds plus my partner is unsure.  To whether or not a garden pond is a priority at the moment.

I really am keen to know just how much it would cost us to have a garden pond – roughly so we know what we are thinking about. even if you can give us the average cost to build a koi pond.

I believe it would be an investment and would improve our garden immensely.  Plus I wouldn’t have to look out on a pea soup puddle any more.

I am interested to know what can be done in my garden and roughly how much it will it cost to build a pond?

What the pond costs, all depends on what you would like, what is important to you.  Foregoing some features that would make a whole lot of difference to some people can change the price of a pond. When you think of the top luxury ponds you need to think about the style.  The functionality and the options that you want with the pond.  Do you need/want pond lights, an extra stream, additional landscaping to blend the pond or water feature into your landscape.

How much does it cost to build a pond in the UK

So the answer to How much does it cost to build a pond in the UK?  It doesn’t have to be rocket science.  You can go for a pond package starting as low as a few hundred pounds or a few thousand pounds depending on the size and style. You can off course go as luxury and is unique as you desire.  The sky is not the limit if you can dream it we can build it.  But you would need to have your bank details ready.

Hope this article has helped you know the cost of installing a pond, If you are looking to build the pond yourself then the cost of building a garden pond is a lot less.  But remember as pond builders all we do the same is dig a hole.  So the average cost to build a koi pond yourself versus hiring at pond professional.  Could be double or triple the cost of the materials, due to the price of skilled labour is high.

The average cost to build a koi pond

Like all of the other types of garden pond listed and mentioned above, koi ponds and pool are no different. But to give you the average cost to build a koi pond is what you might be looking for.

All I can give you today are my own koi pond prices, if you want to dig and build the pool or pond yourselve the price will be different as the ponds we build are much diferent that your local builder.

My average koi pond packages are around £8000 to 15,000.  But if you are on a budget or have limited space then I can make a lovely raised fish pool for around £5000 to £6000.

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