Garden Waterfall Kits

A buyer’s guide to garden waterfall kits

There’s something exceptional about having a waterfall feature in your backyard. It instantly elevates your garden, creating an outdoor oasis. Many people have their water features professionally installed, but if you’re the type that likes to get your hands dirty, you have probably considered garden waterfall kits.

Not all kits are created equal, however, so we’re going to discuss what you should look out for as a buyer when considering the available garden waterfalls for sale online. You need the right kit to ensure that you can show off your handiwork with pride, rather than frustrating yourself by trying to install an inferior product.

Look for complete, professional-grade waterfall kits

One of the most important aspects to consider is whether the kit is professional-grade or not. In terms of garden waterfall kits, options range from basic DIY kits to the contractor-grade ones. “The problem with the DIY kits is that they’re often not complete,” says Mark Wilson, The Pond Advisor and MD of Any Pond Limited, the leading supplier of garden waterfall kits in the UK. “You might get some of the main components for building a waterfall, but you won’t be able to install it straight out of the box.” Professional-grade kits, on the other hand, are extremely high-quality and long-lasting. They include everything you need and also come with better support.

Any Pond Limited is the leading supplier of these complete garden waterfall kits made by Aquascape in the UK.

Be wary of low-priced kits

High-quality and complete garden waterfall kits are sold at a higher price than DIY ones, and some buyers may balk at that fact. Realistically, though, you get what you pay for with garden waterfalls for sale online. “Many of the DIY kits based at the cheaper end of the market are often disposable. These basic components will only last for a year or months before needing replacement,” explains Mark. “The upfront expense of a professional, contractor-grade product is actually more affordable in the long run. A quality product will last you a long time. Limit the frustration of needing to replace it within months of installing it.”

Choose a reputable brand

Finally, be sure to choose a reputable brand when making your purchase. Aquascape has been creating and field-testing beautiful water features since 1991.

The Pond Advisor Says “It’s essential to know that you will have support if you need it”. So it makes sense to partner with a trusted brand. Any Pond Limited, for example, is one of the leading pond and water garden design specialist companies in the UK. They have a variety of garden waterfall kits available:

Mark “The Pond Advisor” has over 30 years’ experience in experience building and maintaining ponds and water features. If you have any questions about the garden waterfall kit that’s right for you, feel free to get in contact or watch some of this Garden Waterfall Videos.

3 responses to “Garden Waterfall Kits”

  1. Hello Mark,
    Loved your videos so much it has inspired me to build my pond. I have a 1000 ltr pre formed pond in our garden. I would love to install a waterfall system. In your opinion would the Aquascape Waterfall Box kit along with pond foam etc be sufficient for this size pond? I have lots of room either side of the pond for landscaping.
    Thank you for any advice you feel able to offer.
    Very best regards,

  2. Ruby says:

    Hello Mark
    Please could you help by suggesting the best eco equipment pump etc required for a waterfall in my small pond.
    The size open area 7’long 4’ wide approx 2’ deep.
    I am 85 and the pond now needs a new liner which my son will be dealing with later this month.
    I am at a loss to which individual bits I would need or kit for the waterfall.If you could help me please!
    I am a bit concerned re the extra electricity being used but it is something I really would like to see working. I only have 4 fish at the moment.

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