The Fastest Way to Effective Koi Pond Cleaning

In this koi pond cleaning case study, we cover a well-established pond that has been suffering from poor water quality for several months. This was leading to the fish behaving listlessly, eating irregularly and also a loss in the water clarity.

Examination of the customer’s pond suggested that it was suffering from a number of problems which could be alleviated with a regular maintenance and feeding regime.

The pond was well-stocked with koi that had grown well in the pond. But they were now putting a considerable strain on the filtration system. We recommended the switch to higher quality, low waste fish food and a proper feeding regime to reduced the amount of nutrients entering the pond.

The pond was also subject to quite a considerable amount of wind blown leaves entering the pond each winter. So we recommended the netting of the pond in late summer to reduce this input of waste.

At the end of the growing season, the aquatic plants which are not evergreen need to be trimmed back hard to remove the top growth that would die back over winter. We did this.

The pond and filtration system was given a thorough specialist clean to remove the accumulated detritus without damaging the delicate bacterial colony in the filter. The pond was then treated with Multi Aqua to bolster the biological break down of fine particulate waste. Finally, a regular pond cleaning and maintenance regime was undertaken to keep on top of the build-up of detritus.

Within a few days of undertaking the initial pond cleaning, the fish were behaving normally and the water quality was improving significantly. By the following year, the build-up of detritus had almost ceased as the bacterial system within the pond and filters was now able to handle the accumulated waste. The fish continue to show excellent health and to grow. After the initial pond cleaning, the regular maintenance programme kept the pond in excellent condition.

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