Pond Cleaning Services – Northampton

Pond Cleaning Services – Northampton

Probably came across our website because you were searching for one of these three keywords pond cleaning services – Northampton either fishpond cleaner Northants or even Pond Maintenance Company in Northampton or something very similar.

If your new to my website here is a quick background to my pond cleaning company.  Over the years we have built our reputation was one of the leading pond maintenance companies in the midlands.

Here at any pond limited we’ve been maintaining and cleaning ponds in Northamptonshire since 2003. Read More…

pond cleaning services - NorthamptonI have a dirty fish pond in my northampton garden, do you carry out a fish pond cleaning service.

“Yes we do carry out a number of different pond cleaning services, as not all ponds are the same so we can tailor a cleaning service for you today”.  First of all here are some of the reasons you are better of call in a pond cleaning service company in to look after your pond fish.

Its far better to call us in for a Fish Pond Cleaning Service if you are in Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK. As we do this task day in and day out all around the county. We have all the right equipment to look after your pet fish as a leading pond cleaning professional in Northants.  Your pond fish will thank you for employing our services as they will be disturbed less.

To find out the reason why you are having these problems, like green water or blanket weed. Send us a picture of your garden pond for a free fish pond appraisal. Once we come out to service your pond. We will carry out a full fish pond analysis for you.

Especially relevant to you is a problem has arisen and we can fix this for you. Making sure that it does not happen again, or educate you when the fish pond should be cleaned again. We are the leading fish pond cleaning service company in Northamptonshire UK contact us today.

pond-maintenance-companyWildlife Pond Cleaning

I need help with looking after a small wildlife pond in my garden, do you have a wildlife pond cleaning service package?  Below are some of the basic’s for cleaning and managing a wildlife pond.

“Yes we can clean and maintain as part of the management of a wildlife pond”. This is a job for a professional as someone untrained can upset the balance and remove vital items from the pond.

With some wildlife ponds you can get away with not cleaning them.  In fact it is best not to touch or clean a balanced wildlife pond. Because all balanced wildlife ponds their are millions and millions of  microorganisms within the silt will be removed or digested pond waste naturally.

Send us a picture of your wildlife pond for a free garden pond appraisal.

Most of the time its plant husbandry or silt removal. Therefore it’s only when the bugs in the pond (microorganisms) can’t cope with the amount of waste that’s being produced. Wildlife ponds can quickly suffer if left alone for to long.

However the only time when people need to step in and clean a wildlife pond out is if they have a major pond problem or its got to the point there is less water than muck on the bottom (pond waste).

Finally, It seems like to us here at any pond limited falling leaves are probably the most common problem to a garden pond owner in Northamptonshire.  Therefore these leaves should be stopped from polluting the water or cleaned out quickly.  As a result we carry out a autumn pond netting service to aid in less pond cleaning services.

Here are a few more pond cleaning services – Northampton pond video links by The Pond Advisor

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  1. Jay Bapodra says:

    I am looking at getting rid of a pond, there are no fish.

    Would this be so thing you can quote on. 80% of the water has been drained.

  2. Stuart Thomas says:

    Hi I have moved into a house with a pond with a number of fish. I would like it cleaned, can I send you a pic and you can advise? Or I live in Middlemore Daventry, you could pop and take a look if that’s easier. Regards

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