Pond Problems – Should You Fix Your Existing Pond or Build A New One?

Do you have pond problems?

Existing ponds that have been improperly built can be a consumer’s nightmare.

Those who have attempted to build their own pond have found the reality to be quite different from simply digging a hole and just dropping a liner in it. But thats how easy most people think pond construction is and that is true to a point.

When looking for a pond construction company to build you a pond or fix an existing pond problem, you need to give the same information to each company, so you get an accurate apples to apples comparison. Then you will be closer to that pond you have dreamed off, that is not only built properly but will last for a number of years.

Just remember anyone can build a pond. Your garden should not be a play ground or you will end up with a mess that needs sorting out which will cost you in the long run. If you want a pond to give you more pleasure than pain you need to practise somewhere first or find someone to build you a pond their are a lot of have ago joes around ask to see their pond portfolio. If you want a pond you can live with then its going to take more than a few pond builds to get that one right.

Your pond problem isn’t going to go away… most pond problems happen because of the initial pond construction.

Every year we get many emails and telephone calls from people needing help with a pond problem. This sadly is more than we do for new pond construction work. We put this down to people wanting to have a go or thinking it’s not that hard to build a pond. Know it’s not hard to build a pond like it’s not hard to draw a picture.

We know people quickly learn by making mistakes but we want you to avoid this mistake. Its always cheaper to hire an expert unless you enjoy being hands one and willing to re build stuff we all have to start somewhere, Mark has now been doing pond construction and fixing pond problems for over 25 years.

Pond Problems

Fact: If you have a pond problem then we can help but most of the time its more expensive to repair existing pond problems than investing in new pond construction.

Fixing an existing pond problem without an onsite assessment is like asking a mechanic to give you a free diagnosis by describing the weird noise you can hear.

To fix your problem the mechanic needs to plug your car into a machine so they can read the problem codes before their know what the problem is and they can give you a price to fix the problem. These mechanics may or may not charge for the diagnostic, we will not charge if you can bring your pond in so we can plug it in to our machine. However most people can’t bring their pond into us so we have to charge a site visit like a mobile car mechanic would if they had to be called out on site.

Just like an automobile, a pond problem can be diagnosed with a simple on-site visit.

The Any Pond Limited diagnostic machine is the years of experience and our continuing education. Every year we attend multiple seminars and symposiums that see us travel all over the place not just in the UK but overseas to learn and network with other global pond contractor’s.

Attending these events is very important to be able to correctly make customer assessments with the most up to date information.

We do answer questions via email exchanges and the telephone but our time is limited once we have have been out we can carry out the repair work or guide the client though the repair work as some of our clients enjoy work on their own creation.

While it’s very hard to give a price without a proper assessment on an existing pond, we can most of the time give you a guide price with a few images, but once you are booked in for a pond consultations or a pond assessment you get a whole lot more than just a price now the home owner is now educated and can now make intelligent choices.

When it comes to new construction quotes. We like to be given a budget but understand some people don’t have a budget in mind. So often before coming out for a design consultation we have a chat about what appeals to them. We then send out a few links to our portfolio images to look for something with in their price range.

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