Waterfall Spillway Boxes UK

The size of these waterfall spillway boxes are:

Lying down facing you like in the picture before

60cm (24”) Wide – 55cm is the width of the mouth, the opening for the water to flow out off,

44cm (17.5”) Deep – back to front, from the inlet on the back to the opening of the mouth, 

12.5cm (5”) High – top to bottom. Each spillway unit has TOP marked on the top side.

Waterfall Spillway Boxes
Single waterfall spillway box

Product Description

First of all the Waterfall Spillway boxes have a lot of uses. They are used in a wide variety of water feature applications. Due to being an excellent versatile tool for any pond or waterfall builder. You may find that your imagination is the only limitation to what you can create with the Aquascape Waterfall Spillway.

These Waterfall Spillway boxes are an ideal solution for starting waterfalls on Pondless Waterfall Systems. Where, due to the absence of fish, more expensive biological filters aren’t necessary. The Waterfall Spillway boxes is also an excellent choice for designing new waterfalls and streams. Installed onto new or existing fish pond waterfalls if the pond already has got a biological filter.

With the Waterfall Spillway, you can build behind hardscape walls to provide a more formal waterfall design. You can use multiple Waterfall Spillways to design a more significant and more creative type of waterfall configurations.

Key Features of waterfall spillways

Cost-effective solution for starting any stream or waterfall with flows rates up to around 20000 litres per hour, you can create a beautiful natural water feature,

Positioned at the starting point this spillway boxes has a 50cm  opening, the weir outlet on this spillway box is 22″,

Easy to disguise whether that’s a new or existing water feature. The pipework fits right onto the back of the box, so it’s easily added to any waterfall or stream,

Compact, yet extremely strong, ideal for disappearing waterfall construction when biological filters aren’t necessary,

Smooth flowing water, the internal barriers calm down the flowing water which creates a lovely smooth flow of water (consistent bases),

Likewise, no gurgling or spinning as the water comes out of the spillway and down the waterfall,

Creative waterfall configurations these waterfall spillway boxes can be used on there own or in multiples,

Information why waterfall spillway boxes are so good.

As a result of being extremely durable, they make the waterfall design and construction. Furthermore, these are straightforward and easy to disguise by allowing boulders, rocks, soil, turf or even logs to be placed directly on top of the unit, 

Most noteworthy is the installation options are both flat or upright against walls for a formal waterfall design,

Comes complete with a couple of optional fittings 50mm PVC solvent weld or barbed hose-tails the spillway boxes. These units have a pre-welded bulkhead with a 2″ threaded female socket,

Custom Order = 2 x Waterfall filters and 3 x Spillway boxes and a pump vault and extension

Also, you may want more useful information: The plastic spillway units and packaging weigh around 4Kg.

Above all and to recap these units are not a biological fish pond filter. Therefore when a fish pond has already got a fish pond filter. These waterfall spillway boxes make an excellent addition.

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  1. Tom says:

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    Can you tell me how much the spillway cost and also the filter version


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    Hi. What is the price of the 12.5 spillway box. Cheers.

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    can you give me the prices of the waterfall spillway box and any thing else that I may require for a fishless pond with a waterfall thanks

  5. mark says:

    how much 12 inch spillway box

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