Why a Koi Pond?

My fish have now grown too big for my current fish pond, so I am now thinking about upgrading my current pond to a larger one.

After several years of owning a variety of ponds, our clients contacted us with a view to building a koi pond in their garden. With their already quite extensive knowledge of pond keeping, they wanted us to build a pool that would not only prove to be a fantastic home for their fish, but which would be a fitting centrepiece in their Japanese-inspired garden.

Having already built one previous fish pond for the clients, we were familiar with the layout and size of their garden. So it was very easy for us to advise them on the ultimate koi pool design, placement and size of a pool to meet their requirements.

Because fish will ultimately grow to a large size and are messy feeders, they can put demands on the design of the koi pond and filtration system that are beyond those of other fish.

In addition, the owner of a koi pool will be looking for the ultimate in water quality to show off their fish to the best advantage. As a minimum for keeping large Koi Carp, the koi pond surface area needs to be around 10-15 square meters and it must have a minimum depth of 4 feet (although most owners aim for 6 feet).

This depth of water is required to house mature koi over 12″ long. Fortunately, the clients were already well aware of the demands of building a koi pool with real wow factor for their garden and had also recently taken the wise decision to join their local koi club to learn more about successful koi keeping.

Any Pond was contracted to build a centrepiece koi pool with a surface area of 22 square meters and a depth of 6 feet for the clients. A koi pond this deep is required to exercise the koi, which need to move up and down through the water column. Construction took several weeks and consisted of considerable earth removal before the pool could be built. A professional filtration system, along with bottom drains and surface skimmers, was used to give excellent filtration and mechanical waste removal.

After construction, the pool was gradually re-stocked with fish. Any Pond was also consulted with regard to the selection of some extra fish. We gave them the stocking rate for the filtration and put in a feeding regime to maintain excellent water quality.

A regular maintenance programme was commissioned to keep the koi pond running perfectly.

Now several years on, the fish have grown substantially and have become hand tame. The garden has matured magnificently around the pool centrepiece and the pool actually requires very little regular maintenance. The clients are extremely happy with the design of their pond. As the proud owners of a number of beautiful, mature koi, they are active members of their local koi club.

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