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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Garden Waterfall

Waterfalls are very often the most gorgeous part of your garden. 

Waterfalls bring a garden pond alive

For a lot of people the fish or the water lilies may be your favourite part, but few will deny that it’s the waterfall that really makes the garden. Waterfalls not only add beauty to all gardens they’re a part of, but they also serve the vital purpose of aerating your water and maintaining the beneficial bacteria necessary to keep the pond free of algae. 

Mark “I don’t have a pond”

Can a waterfall survive without being in a pond? It sure can, and a good example of it is the new “The Pondless® Waterfall!”

The name says it all: it’s a waterfall and stream without need for the pond! This begs the questions: why would someone want a waterfall without a pond? It can serve as a great alternative for a person on the fence about acquiring a full-fledged pond. The Pondless Waterfall lets you start your water gardening journey without a full commitment right off the bat. Or maybe you just want a garden waterfall and not the pond and fish that normally come with it.

Why You Should Consider a Pondless Garden Waterfall

For those can’t imagine a garden waterfall without a pond, it may be challenging to imagine how it works. You may ask yourself where the water is coming from or where the water is going. Truthfully, a Pondless Waterfall works a lot like a regular pond. 

Maybe you already have a pond in the back garden but need a smaller water fixture in your front garden. Your Pondless Waterfall will give you curb appeal and is also a great way to welcome your friends and family to your home!

A hole is dug for the basin and filled in with an Aquabasin or the pump vault and AquaBlox® gravel and rock. Water is then filled up to capacity. 

This water circulates from the sub-surface reservoir via a pump on the bottom. A pipe connects it to a spillway box* and straight into the top of the water feature, at which time the water filters back into the basin. The water level does not pool above the gravel and rock; it also makes it look like a pondless waterfall. 

The best part is when you plug this garden waterfall in for the first time – it’s very satisfying to see the water cascade over the falls and then flow downstream!

The Pondless Waterfall’s best feature, quite possible, is how it serves as a stepping stone for those interested in adding ponds and other water features to their landscape. Smart pond contractors and homeowners might want to leave room for a full Aquascape ecosystem pond to be added later on. You’ll want to ensure this garden waterfall is on full display in your garden as well, for the viewing pleasure of all who see it! It would be a tragedy for this amazing sight to go unseen.

It’s easy to care for your Pondless Waterfall as well. There is a lot less maintenance necessary for this in comparison to an ecosystem pond. You only need to refill the reservoir every couple weeks to make up for the water loss from evaporation. There is also no ecological need to keep it running, if you’re going on vacation or going to spend any significant time away for any reason.

Visual and Sensory Benefits of Your Pondless Garden Waterfall

The Pondless has given a lot of joy to those who have wanted the joys of a water fixture in their garden the ability to have one. If this sounds like you, rest assured you won’t regret adding this garden waterfall to your home gardens!

It’s a gorgeous day out and you’re going to have friends over to barbecue on the patio. When you set up your sprinkler to mimic the stream sound and it doesn’t do the trick, the pondless-waterfall may fill the bill, giving excellent water sights and sounds to your garden.

Waterfalls add relaxing sound to your garden, fully customised to your unique needs. If you’re nearby traffic, you may want a garden waterfall to drown out the traffic noise. For those who live in the country, a quality garden waterfall can add just the right tranquil sound to the crickets and birds you’ll frequently here in your area.

The serene sounds of a garden waterfall are relaxing to most everyone after a long and stressful day. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t want to look at this beautiful fixture after a long and stressful day!

If you do have small children, they’ll absolutely love playing in the garden waterfall, where they will be safe. Watch with joy as they interact with birds, frogs, butterflies, and additional little critters that come into the waterfall area. You’ll also be blown away at how tranquil it makes things after a challenging day!

If your favourite vacation spot is a watery and/or mountain area, you can recreate your visit by having this amazing garden waterfall in your garden. You can also add wildlife and flowers to the garden waterfall’s surrounding area to naturalise it more.

You can even add your garden waterfall to your garden even if it’s wooded. If you have a nearby stream, it can wind around and empty right into the waterfall as well. It doesn’t matter what your landscape looks like – there’s a way to add water fixtures to your unique landscaping situation.

Pondless Waterfalls Are a Great Addition to Any Back Garden Landscape

The pondless garden waterfall is the most gorgeous landscape water feature. If you’re having space limitation in your garden, you can add the Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall to get the running water sounds.

Waterfalls can be serene and soft like a babbling brook, or it may be bigger, more dramatic, and with a bigger drop.

It’s available in many configurations and sizes, and as garden waterfalls go it is the best to fit in both small and larger spaces.

Garden waterfalls are very energy efficient, easy to maintain, and will attract lots of attractive wildlife. Kids love to explore nature around the waterfall. When you add a waterfall to your front or back garden, make sure you situate it nearby a window, so you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of your garden waterfall inside your house as well!

Garden waterfalls and their features are pleasing for far more than just garden landscaping: they are a relaxing and peaceful feature which make your living space more attractive and relaxing. In any quantity, your garden looks bigger and more attractive with running water, and will attract beautiful wildlife like birds and various insects – including those necessary to pollinate flowers and plants that your garden likely will have.

Your waterscapes don’t need to be big nor pricey either. For those with the room who wish to fully utilise the space, there are ways to fill it up with some planning; it doesn’t have to be expensive at all! If you’re not sure about the effort and time you’ll need for bigger projects, you’ll definitely want to consider adding a garden waterfall!

When you add a garden waterfall to your garden, you add a lovely dimension in both sight and sound; the water sparkles in the sun while the soothing sounds will be attractive to both you and your guests as well!

A garden waterfall is a powerful way to bolster your landscaping. They bring a wonderful sensory experience to your garden, via the movement, sound, and reflections. They’re great for smaller properties that don’t have a pool, as well. Water has been shown to be therapeutic to those who watch it within fixtures like waterfalls, so when you add one to your garden you massively increase its visual attractiveness.

Things to consider regarding your Pondless Garden Waterfall

When you plan your garden waterfall, you’ll want to take the following into consideration:

The Location: Pick a spot that will be viewed by a lot of people outdoors, which can also be enjoyed by those that are indoors. Make sure the foundation underneath your future garden waterfall is solid as well (for example, avoid any concrete pads).

The Materials: if you haven’t built a pond or garden waterfall before, get a pond kit. 

The Size: What’s the general size of your space? Take a look at some other locations where garden waterfalls are installed, and let them influence how you situate the waterfall in your garden. Be sure to consider the setting, shape, how it may relate to nearby plants, etc. Also think about what your goals are with the waterfall: do you want to bring in wildlife? Is it purely an aesthetic addition to your garden?

The Pump system: This will recirculate water for the waterfall prior to its way downstream. Get a waterfall pump or kit that’s powerful enough to circulate your chosen garden waterfall..

The Landscaping: how are you going to blend your garden waterfall into the landscape

The Ornaments and Hardscape: Your hardscape choice will ideally result in the garden waterfall blending into your landscape rather than look like it’s plopped there for no reason. You can surround the water with a variety of ornaments like bridges and other similar additions.

The Lighting: Waterproof lighting which changes colour can really add another dimension to your garden waterfall. Some fixtures let you position them so that your flowing water after hours can be viewed on enjoyed by you and your guests. Spotlights can highlight the best parts of your garden waterfall and focal points, and you can also have lights underneath each fall to illuminate the flowing water as well.  You can create a camp fire effect with the colour changing lights.

The Safety: Kids can drown in even a small amount of water, so you’ll want to keep in mind any children who may spend time in your garden. You want to make sure there is zero risk of drowning for any smaller guests to your garden waterfall.

Pond-Free Disappearing Waterfalls

Pond-free garden waterfalls are built mainly from rocks and pebbles to make a stream and waterfall.

The water is pumped up to the very top of the waterfall and it then gradually makes its way back down through the rocks to be circulated back to the top again.

Since there’s no water pool, a pond-free garden waterfall is great if you’re concerned about children or pets falling in and getting hurt.

Pond-free garden waterfalls can be pricey to build depending on the size. You do need a lot of rocks to build the base, along with a big pump to bring the water back up top. You may need professional help to build up the water features.

As soon as you get your garden waterfall kit from us, you’ll possess a unique water feature which is also safe for children and pets. Build it correctly the first time, as a lot of do-it-yourself grade water features last just 1 or 2 seasons. If you’re considering buying a waterfall, make sure you get it in a kit with warrantees.

Putting Traditional Waterfall Building Methods in the UK To Bed

*The Aquascape Waterfall Spillway UK:

Makes consistent, smooth, and leak-free flow for garden waterfalls and streams

Durable design ensures that it is easy to disguise; just add rocks, logs, and soil to the unit’s top

It’s ideal for starting a waterfall in a Pondless Waterfall setup 

Comes along with a 2″ PVC slip fitting, 1.5-inch barbed hose fitting, and a bulkhead which is pre-installed and comes with a limited lifetime warranty

A 22″ spillway built to handle any and all flow rates up to 30,000 litres/hour

A 12″ spillway is the most popular option in the UK built to handle flow rates up to 15,000 litres/hour for a clean sheet fall you need at least 4000 litres per hour.

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