Water Feature Designer

Firstly, are you looking for a water feature designer to design and build you a brand new water feature, stream or a garden waterfall?

We can create you a fantastic stream or waterfall large or small. Why are you so confident, well we are the leading stream and waterfall builders here in the UK.  

If you’re looking for a lovely outdoor water feature, did you know our passion is recreating natural looking water features?

Covering the Midlands and the surrounding area, if you are further afield, we might be able to help you. We have a tremendous pond designer/builder on our staff (Mark has worked all over the world).  

He is a leading artisan judge with a lot of experience and knowledge.

For instance, Mark our MD has 30 years experience and enjoys being called out internationally for his pond and water feature designs. Above all, he even judges other pond designers work for Pond Trade Magazine.  

Mark is ready and waiting to hear about your project. He is on every project from start to finish (and during unlike a lot of other pond designers). Mark Wilson, The Pond Advisor, will be able to help you with the design and the pricing. He is providing you with what you will need for years of happiness. Mark’s very good at creating custom water features or installing his water feature packages. 

Mark will consult with you over the phone before arranging an excellent time to carry out your very own design consultation. He will only need a couple of pictures before he listens to your needs. 

See our water feature designs first hand

If you prefer you can set up a time to meet Mark and visit his home. Mark’s garden is a working playground. You will get to see first-hand and be inspired. The entirety is terrific, and you will not believe the number of water features you can fit into a property. Mark is living the water gardening lifestyle, see it for yourself if you wish. 

Let’s get the ball rolling or the water flowing for you in your water feature.

Water Feature Designer
Example of what Mark can show you as a leading water feature designer.

Here is a picture of one of Marks waterfall and stream designs.  It’s always hard for someone to get a feeling for a water feature from a drawing unless its formal.  Very often the designer is not the one building the water feature. Mark’s approach is much better. The design of natural water features is hard to draw unless the designer is creating the water feature. Very often the design gets lost from the designer to builder. Mark will be designing and making the water feature.

During this water feature design consultation, Mark mapped out the design with landscape paint (the size of the rocks in yellow and the water was in blue).  Mark drawing on the grass made the plan very clear to our clients, what the water feature could look like in their garden.

The finished water feature design

Water Feature Designer UK
Leading Water Feature Designers in the UK

Do you love your job? We do, can you tell or do you think are we just simply crazy. Are you looking for a water feature designer that can build you a work of art?

water feature building team
The Any Pond Limited building team was enjoying a quick break during the building stage of this lovely waterfall because some of these stones were 250kg and had to be lifted in to place with a machine.
Garden Waterfall Designer
The level of maintenance of a garden lawn is very high. First of all with the right design your water feature can be far less maintenance than another area of your landscaped garden.

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